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Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking

“Arnold Grummer has been making paper for more than 30 years, first as a faculty member of the Institute of Paper Chemistry, then as curator of the Dard Hunter Paper Museum, and currently as the President of Greg Markim Inc. He has written four books and dozens of articles on paper science and paper crafting. He teaches preschoolers, FBI forensic scientists, printers, artists, and corporate executives about the miracles of fibers and hydrogen bonding in paper.”–from his website. Such an interesting bio!

Grummer’s new book releases tomorrow. For teens who enjoy the creative process, this is a high-interest title. The book is a an attractive size and shape, with a terrific variety of page layouts, bright color on every page, and plenty of clear instruction. mistakenly lists this as a title published for ages 9-12. It is an adult publication. (I called the publisher to confirm.) The level is not appropriate for children (as the review also makes clear).

GRUMMER, Arnold E. Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking. 208p. Storey. 2011. Tr $16.95. ISBN 978-1-60342-547-6. LC number unavailable.

Trash to Treasure Papermaking

Adult/High School–Written by an expert with three prior books on papermaking (Tin Can Papermaking, 1992; Arnold Grummer’s Complete Guide to Easy Papermaking, 1999; Arnold Grummer’s Complete Guide to Paper Casting, 2002), this book promotes recycling with a variety of ideas for creating and crafting with homemade paper. In addition to creating paper, texturing, casting, embossing, and watermarking are a few of the processes detailed. A blender is required along with such materials as tin cans, sponges, various screens, and plenty of paper towels. Detailed explanations provide concrete steps to complete the projects. It is the sophisticated vocabulary, and the use of terms specific to papermaking, although defined initially, coupled with directions that are relatively complex that make this an adult book. Certainly the projects are ones that kids would enjoy with direction and supervision, but they are not ones a young person could easily understand or follow on their own. Photographs visually document the step-by-step instructions, depict the projects, or chronicle how to create materials such as a paper press or a pour hand mold. FAQs anticipate challenges and issues. Templates and pictures of numerous creations such as cards, critters and puppets, mobiles, ornaments, coasters, and more demonstrate the artistic potential of papermaking. Grummer’s enthusiasm for the craft and broad knowledge of the subject is evident throughout. A thoughtful list of resources, paper museums, and related books complete the package.–Janet Thompson, Chicago Public Library

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