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Witches of East End

I wrote a bit about the BookExpo “YA to Adult Panel” a few weeks ago when we reviewed Graveminder by Melissa Marr. Today, we review the first adult book by another YA author, Melissa de la Cruz.

In answer to the question of why she decided to write an adult novel, de la Cruz answered that many of her Blue Bloods series fans are in college or just out. She thought it would be fun to write for them. When asked what was different about writing this book, she said she wrote all of the sex scenes first. Actually, it was a fabulous moment – her first reaction was, “Woo-hoo, I can write sex!” The audience loved it.

She continued by admitting that she did struggle at first, but then realized that it’s the same as writing for a YA audience, but the issues are different. This book isn’t about finding yourself. She is hoping her Blue Bloods audience will follow her, and does include characters from that series in this one (which is set in the same universe).

As for social media, she enjoys Twitter, especially the sense of community it creates. (Her handle is MelissadelaCruz.)

And finally, upcoming projects. The 6th Blue Bloods novel, Lost in Time, arrives in October. She has a new young adult “Wolf Pact” series launching Fall 2012, and she is writing a new fantasy series with her husband, the Otherland Chronicles. Busy lady!

For more on the success of Witches of East End, check out the author’s blog, and this terrific interview posted in Kirkus.

DE LA CRUZ, Melissa. Witches of East End. 323p. Hyperion. 2011. Tr $23.99. ISBN 9781401323905. LC number unavailable.  Witches of East End

Adult/High School–De la Cruz, author of “The Au Pairs” series (set in the Hamptons) and “Blue Bloods” (featuring rich New York vampires) has written her first novel for adults, one that has hints of both of these popular YA series. In fictional North Hampton, witches Joanna, Ingrid, and Freya make their home without magic, as they were forbidden to use their powers by the council thousands of years ago. All of them begin to break the “rule” slowly, Freya by making love-potion cocktails at the pub where she bartends, Ingrid by making her infertile coworker able to bear a child, and Joanna by entertaining the young son of her housekeeper with parlor tricks. But the illegal magic isn’t the worst of their problems. There seems to be some type of poison loose in North Hampton that shows itself to the magical three as a silver presence. Romance enters the picture as Ingrid denies her attraction to the local police detective, and Freya tries to decide between two brothers and has steamy sexual encounters with both. The novel has many of the traits of paranormal romance, including the ability to see people’s thoughts and desires. There is even a crossover with “Blue Bloods,” as vampire Mimi Frost comes to consult with Ingrid (and her storyline remains unresolved, so she may pop up later in the series). A shocking cliffhanger will propel readers to the next book. Fans of teen paranormal stories will find a lot to like in the spellcasting and secret identities, even with older, more sophisticated characters.–Jamie Watson, Baltimore County Public Library, MD

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