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Buried Secrets

Are you claustrophobic?  If so, you might think twice about reading the latest from Joseph Finder — or maybe it will thrill you all the more.

Buried Secrets is the second Nick Heller novel, after Vanished (St. Martin’s, 2009). This is Finder’s first attempt at a series, something he avoided for a long time.

For the many, many Jack Reacher/Lee Child fans out there, Amazon includes a fun feature on its Buried Secrets page.

FINDER, Joseph. Buried Secrets. 390p. St. Martin’s. 2011. Tr $25.99. ISBN 978-0-312-37914-8. LC number unavailable.  Buried Secrets

Adult/High School–Being buried alive is surely one of the most terrifying circumstances imaginable, but teenager Alexa is a severe claustrophobic and no one could have devised a more horrible fate for her. The scenes from her point of view, buried alive in a metal coffin beneath 10 feet of earth in an abandoned field, are effectively chilling–especially her slow and horrible understanding of what has happened to her. Alexa has a will to survive and clings to the knowledge that her multi-billionaire father is good for whatever amount the ransom demand may be. However, as private investigator Nick Heller frantically works to track down Alexa’s location, it becomes clear that mere money is not the only objective and the investigation generates more questions than answers. How is the senator’s daughter involved? Who is the man with eyes tattooed on the back of his head? And was the incident a few years ago when Alexa was kidnapped, driven around for hours, then released without any demands related? The shifting point of view between Alexa in the coffin, Nick’s investigation, and the captor’s mysterious motivation keeps this plot-driven thriller moving. A page-turning plot line that doesn’t demand too much thought combined with a likable hero, a depraved villain, and a steady dose of action makes for an entertaining summer read for thriller-inclined teens.–Priscille Dando, Robert E. Lee High School, Fairfax County,VA

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