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Midnight in Austenland

Midnight in Austenland

Shannon Hale’s first adult novel, Austenland (Bloomsbury, 2007) is a fast, fun romantic comedy, well-reviewed in SLJ’s Adult Books for High School Students column. In the sequel, we’re back in Pembrook Park resort with a new heroine, hoping for romance Darcy-style. Shannon Hale is well-known by younger readers for The Goose Girl, Princess Academy, and Book […]

Little Girl Gone

Little Girl Gone

Drusilla Campbell writes fiction around contemporary issues, including post partum depression (The Good Sister), surviving the loss of a child (Blood Orange) and losing a family member to a drunk driver (The Edge of the Sky). Although teen characters appear in these novels, Campbell’s latest has full-blown appeal for teen readers, echoing stories of abduction […]

Don’t Let Me Go

Don't Let me Go

J.H. Trumble’s debut began as a NaNoWriMo novel. It was also written with a YA audience in mind. In an interview on Lambda Literary the author is is asked how she feels about Kensington’s decision to publish the novel as adult, and I thought her response was quite smart. Yes, teens are likely to find it […]

Everything is Broken

Everything is Broken

Prolific science fiction author John Shirley calls his latest novel “an anti-teabagger political metaphor” and “near-future thriller.” Just yesterday, Shirley wrote a piece on his blog about a possible reaction against the politics of the novel by those he chose to satirize. Very interesting, and something I had never head of before. SHIRLEY, John. Everything Is […]

Careful Arrangements

Bubbles & Gondola

from graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: As experienced readers even in traditional print formats, we all know how the size of a page, the presence or lack of margins, font choice and color can be relevant to something beyond merely our enjoyment or comfort with reading.  These factors can also tinge how we judge […]

The Alex Awards, 2012

YALSA’s 2012 Alex Awards were announced yesterday morning at the ALA Media Awards. The winners are (with links to the AB4T review of each title): Big Girl Small, by Rachel DeWoskin In Zanesville, by Jo Ann Beard The Lover’s Dictionary, by David Levithan The New Kids: Big Dreams and Brave Journeys at a High School for Immigrant Teens, by […]

Looking forward to The Alex Awards

I am very excited to remind you that the winners of the 2012 Alex Awards kicks off the ALA Media Awards tomorrow morning, Monday January 23rd, at 7:45am in Dallas, TX (so that’s 7:45am CT). Just a reminder: YALSA’s Alex Awards “are given to ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young […]

Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock

Elizabeth and Hazel

Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan were both 15 years old in 1957. The photograph that was taken of them that day affected the rest of their lives. David Margolick follows both their lives and their relationship, using them as a unique lens through which to view race relations in the United States. After Little Rock, […]

Introduction to a Treasure Chest

African-American Classics

from graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: The well constructed anthology not only offers readers an opportunity to find multiple voices, views and styles within a single pair of covers, but also directs the reader’s attention to similarities, differences, developing tropes and legacies arising from the variety. Tom Pomplun’s long running series of “Graphic Classics” […]

The Thorn and the Blossom

The Thorn and the Blossom

This creative little book will make your teens stop and take notice. The publisher puts it best, “You can open the book in either direction to decide whether you’ll first read Brendan’s, or Evelyn’s account of the mysterious love affair. Choose a side, read it like a regular novel—and when you get to the end, […]