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Drop Dead Healthy

Drop Dead Healthy

A.J. Jacobs has already improved his spirit and his mind by following the Old Testament for a year (in The Year of Living Biblically) and reading the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica from cover to cover (in The Know-It-All). Now he humbly — and once again with great good humor — broaches the diet & exercise craze. I […]

Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea

Ruby Red Heart in a Cold Blue Sea

Morgan Callan Rogers has written a coming-of-age novel with a sympathetic yet tough young protagonist, enticing small-town coastal Maine setting, and a mystery. What happened to Florine’s mother?  Even more to the point, will Florine do alright without her? To tell the truth, we almost missed this one. This January title has flown under the radar […]

Greed and the Hero

Bloody Chester

from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith: Blending genres in fiction can have the same enriching and expansive effect that blending varietals or spices allow. Sometimes the mixture goes wrong because the blending leaves a neither-this-nor-that overtone; the best blends, however, offer subtleties missing from “pure” strains. Bloody Chester is that special latter sort, in […]

When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man

When Captain Flint was Still a Good Man

Nick Dybek‘s debut is about fathers and sons, villains and heroes. The Granta New Voices program highlights six debut authors each year. Dybek became a Granta New Voice in December, and there is an excellent, extensive interview on their site about his novel. He shares this, “In children’s books the villains are usually doomed while the […]

What Do You Want to do Before You Die?

What do you want to do before you die

It all began in 2006 when four aimless young guys came up with a crazy idea — buy an old bus, fix it up, then drive around fulfilling their bucket lists while helping strangers to do to the same. Since then they’ve acquired a name, The Buried Life, and accomplished quite a bit, from riding […]

The Possibility of You

The Possibility of You

Pamela Redmond’s new novel addresses the consequences of unplanned pregnancy in three different periods of 20th century America. Adoption and its effects on the mother and the daughter, the availability of birth control, the availability of abortion. Redmond shows just how complicated the decisions involved with potential motherhood can be. In a Q&A published on her […]

The Way Back Machine: The Beatles

Baby's in Black

from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith: Arne Bellstorf’s graphic novel history of a very early chapter in the career of the Beatles introduces Americans not only to the feel and look of the group’s German premier, but also gives us a fine intro to a well recognized creator in today’s German comics. While we […]

Lulu in the Sky

Lulu in the Sky

In her 2001 debut, Loung Ung wrote about surviving the Cambodian genocide perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge. First They Killed My Father is among the very best memoirs with teen appeal that shine a light on recent global history, along with Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane, Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone and Persepolis. First They Killed My […]

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail


In Cheryl Strayed’s memoir she tells the story of her eleven hundred-mile solo hike along the Pacific Coast Trail, trying to find herself again in the aftermath of her mother’s early death. Strayed started in the Mojave Desert, making her way through California and Oregon to Washington State, with little experience camping and no experience […]



Jessica Maria Tuccelli’s family saga incorporates both Native American and African American history and lore, and even some hints of the supernatural. The southern Appalachia setting is an important element of the book, so it is interesting to read the author’s description of how she found the setting for her story. You might also enjoy […]