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Best Adult Books 4 Teens, 2012

What a wonderful year of reading is reflected in the 2012 Best AB4T list. Fictional stories range from the end of the world to waking up in a new body, homesteading in Oregon to super-mean high school cheerleaders, from the Trojan war to the war in Iraq. On the nonfiction front, we are continually curious […]

Weekly Reviews: Girls

Wild Girls

Title Girls are all that tie these three books together. Otherwise, the combination serves as a great example of the variety of books that appeal to different teen readers. We begin with a rather intellectual historical fiction novel, Eight Girls Taking Pictures. The tie-in to the arts is a great hook for young adults. Photography […]

Philip Roth: Teen Novelist?


As most of the world knows by now, Philip Roth has announced that he is retiring as a novelist.  Roth is one of a very select group who can be considered for title of the greatest American novelist, and his list of awards is impressive, but I don’t want to write yet another obituary of […]


Last Tuesday, right before the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend, I had the opportunity to booktalk to the three 11th grade English class sections at my school. During each period I talked about 5 books, then asked the students to share their recent favorites with each other. We left the last 10-15 minutes of the period […]

Why a Classic Is a Classic

The Rime of the Modern Mariner

A starred review today, from our graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: Sequential art has been the go-to format for creators and adaptors, bowdlerizers and clever clogs who rework, or try to rework, classics. Disney-sponsored Scrooge McDuck, Posy Simmonds’ Gemma Bovery, published-for-classroom Manga Shakespeare, and Will Eisner’s repurposing of Moby Dick give only the beginning […]

Weekly Reviews: Identity

brain on fire

As promised, we have our full complement of reviews for the week, all in one omnibus post.  These week’s books are all about identity.  In our first book, Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan, Cahalan recounts her harrowing experience of grappling with a rare brain disease called autoimmune encephalitis, which brought on hallucinations, paranoia, and […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Teens

Thank you to Angela, all of our reviewers, and our readers for the warm welcome to this blog.  I thought it might be a good idea to start this relaunch by setting myself up for immediate backlash by trying to answer the impossible question of what exactly we mean by “Adult Books 4 Teens.” The phrase has two […]

The New Look of Adult Books 4 Teens

Adult Books 4 Teens began its life as the Adult Books for High School Students print column in SLJ, which provided 15-20 reviews a month.  Two years ago the print column was replaced by this blog, which continued to provide 3-4 reviews a week, with the benefit of added context. Starting today, though, AB4T is […]

Angel’s Ink

Angel's Ink

Jocelynn Drake is known for her Dark Days series. With Angel’s Ink she begins a new urban fantasy/paranormal romance series (The Asylum Tales) which, for a change, features a male protagonist. Fans will be glad to see that there are already two prequel tales to this story available. DRAKE, Jocelynn. Angel’s Ink.  Bk. 1. 352p. […]

The Round House & The National Book Awards

The Round House

This Wednesday evening, the National Book Award winners will be announced in a grand ceremony at Cipriani in New York City. I went to the NBA site to refresh myself on just how the awards work.“The National Book Award is an American literary prize given to writers by writers and administered by the National Book Foundation.” […]