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Styled with Simplicity, Achieving Eloquence


from graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: No reader, teen or adult, need be an aesthete or an art historian to be aware of the multiplicity of styles imagery can take. Awareness is one matter, but when faced with a style that is abundant with detail, color, line and light/dark interplay, awareness is awakened to […]

Teens and Genre Fiction

On November 19th, Mark made his debut with a post titled “What We Talk About When We Talk About Teens.” He made several terrific points, as did the contributing AB4T reviewers, but there is one thing missing in that discussion –the popularity of genre fiction among teens. When a teen is a fan of a particular […]

Weekly Reviews: Short Stories


I love short stories.  I generally love anything that makes an effort not to waste my time, but I especially love the special craft of compression and power that short stories demand of their authors.  I also admire the fact that short story writers have so many more structural options than novelists.  Rather than being […]