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All in the Family


Today we look at three historical novels about very strange families.  Taking things chronologically, first up is Sarah Dunant’s Blood & Beauty, about the very real, and very twisted Borgias of Renaissance Italy. Wikipedia lists among their crimes “adultery, simony, theft, bribery, and murder (especially by arsenic poisoning).”  I quite like that parenthetical at the […]

Hot title alert: The Bone Season

The Bone Season

The Bone Season is the first in a projected seven-book fantasy series by 21-year-old Samanatha Shannon. Last week it was announced as the first TODAY book club selection. There is a great deal of buzz around this book, and I believe teens will be asking for it. Shannon wrote the book while a student at Oxford. I […]

The Missing File

missing file

I’ve been meaning to post about D.A. Mishani’s The Missing File for several months now, but hadn’t quite figured out what to say.  At first, I was looking around for another book to pair it with, in particular another mystery in translation because except for Sweden we don’t seem to get many mysteries from other […]

On the Come Up and Giveaway

on the come up

Although the review of On the Come Up: A Novel Based on a True Story by Hannah Weyer was posted on AB4T several weeks ago, I am reposting today in conjunction with the publication of my interview with the author, which is available in the SLJ Teen Newsletter (and briefly on the SLJ homepage) today. Weyer […]

Explicit Content

and every day was overcast

When is a book too sexually explicit to recommend to teens? That’s a question that comes up fairly frequently for our reviewers, and frankly, it’s one that I don’t know the answer to.  For the most part it seems to be based on just our gut feelings–something like Justice Potter Stewart’s famous statement that “I […]



Readers of this blog might be interested to know about a new short story by Madeline Miller called “Galatea.”  Miller wrote one of our favorite books of last year, The Song of Achilles.  With this story she returns to the world of Greek myth, this time to the story of Pygmalion, which many of us know […]

Weekly Reviews: Literary Mysteries

The Universe Versus Alex Woods

Gavin Extence’s debut novel earns today’s starred review. This is a unique book, which will be especially popular with the many fans of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and with Kurt Vonnegut readers. Every year, when I booktalk to my students, they bring up Haddon’s novel. It is still a widespread […]



I have been anticipating sharing Brewster since May when, at BookExpo, it was one of my strongest recommendations on the Librarian Shout ‘n Share panel. Finally, publication week is here. It was the winter after the summer of love, and it went on for a long time. Brewster is told by an adult, Jon Mosher, who […]

Fighting for Their Lives

fighting for their lives

Earlier this year, on my personal blog, I talked about how I had been reading a lot about crime, and specifically about wrongful convictions and the Innocence Project.  So when I saw the subtitle of Susannah Sheffer’s book, I assumed that there would be quite a bit about defense attorneys fighting to prove their clients’ […]

Someday, Someday Maybe

someday someday maybe

I got into The Gilmore Girls a little late, and only because my wife was a fan.  I see from imdb that the show ran from 2000 – 2007, and I met my wife in late 2003, so the most I could have seen is a little more than half of the show’s episodes (I […]