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The Age of Miracles

The Age of Miracles

An incredible amount of hype surrounds this slim, intimate tale of a possible end of the world scenario. My hope is that readers will be able to put that aside and enjoy this lovely coming of age novel without too many preconceived notions. That said, when a New York Times review compares a book to […]

Best of 2012 compilation

There are three sources for the annual best of the best adult books for teens: Booklist Editors Choice Adult Books for Young Adults (listed here; blogged about  here), the Alex Awards (listed here; blogged about here), and right here at AB4T – our Best Adult Books 4 Teens, 2012. YALSA has also released the 2013 Alex […]

Extremely Scientific Predictions of the Alex Awards


MARK:  Back before the 2011 Alex Awards were announced, Angela said she “would never presume to predict the Alex winners”, but this year I’ve convinced her to help me go ahead and presume away. So today we offer our combined random guesses, er . . . informed predictions as to what might make the 2013 […]

Booklist Editors’ Choice, 2012

Booklist is the only other review source that publishes a best of the year list in our category. The Booklist Editors’ Choice: Adult Books for Young Adults, 2012 was released yesterday. Let’s compare to the AB4T Best Books of the Year, shall we? FICTION Of the 12 fiction titles chosen by Booklist, we overlap on 4 […]

Best Adult Books 4 Teens, 2012

What a wonderful year of reading is reflected in the 2012 Best AB4T list. Fictional stories range from the end of the world to waking up in a new body, homesteading in Oregon to super-mean high school cheerleaders, from the Trojan war to the war in Iraq. On the nonfiction front, we are continually curious […]



Frances Greenslade’s debut novel is about family, particularly mothers and daughters, and about survival. Shelter is also notable for its vivid British Columbia wilderness setting. The author provides all kinds of cool extras on her book clubs page, including a playlist, discussion questions, and a list of titles about British Columbia. Simon & Schuster also […]

Best Books of the Year so far, 2012

The school year is over, ALA Annual is (nearly) past, the big fall books are calling, it must be time to announce our Best of the Year so far! As usual, we are excited to highlight books that offer a combination of quality and teen appeal. For more information, click on title links for full […]

BookExpo Preview, 2012

BookExpo 2012 is right around the corner, so I spent some time this weekend compiling my wish list. For this post I am limiting myself to adult books that have potential teen appeal. Please keep in mind that I haven’t seen most of these yet, so I am working off of instinct. That being said, […]

Truth & Responsibility

At the Bottom of Everything

All three of today’s books are concerned with learning the truth and/or facing responsibility. In Ben Dolnick‘s At the Bottom of Everything, young Adam is trying to avoid facing the mistake he and his best friend made as teenagers. If he could only take responsibility for it, he would be better off. So would his […]

Alex Winners: Where Are They Now?

As I sat at home last weekend, not going to ALA and the Alex Awards Program,  I started thinking about how many books by former Alex Award winners we’ve looked at this year.  In my head, it seemed like a lot, but I thought I should actually crunch the numbers.  So, here they are, for […]