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Outstanding Books for the College Bound

Every five years, YALSA publishes new Outstanding Books for the College Bound and Lifelong Readers lists. The 2014 lists were announced last week. The selection committee is asked to determine five broad categories, and this year they stuck with the traditional ones (which work very well): Arts and Humanities, History and Cultures, Literature and Language […]

Harrowing Memoirs

elizabeth smart

Today we look at two memoirs of harrowing childhoods.  Today’s teens are too young to remember the media onslaught brought on by Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapping and rescue. But they will be by turns riveted and revolted by her account of her abduction, which was made especially horrific to her as she was forced to act […]

Looking for that Last-Minute Gift?

I am Malala

‘Tis the season, and gift-giving is on our minds. Here are three nonfiction titles that would make welcome presents for the right teens. I am Malala found its way onto more than one Best list this year, and I suspect that many of us have already added it to our collection. I found myself somewhat frustrated […]

Truth & Responsibility

At the Bottom of Everything

All three of today’s books are concerned with learning the truth and/or facing responsibility. In Ben Dolnick‘s At the Bottom of Everything, young Adam is trying to avoid facing the mistake he and his best friend made as teenagers. If he could only take responsibility for it, he would be better off. So would his […]

Hunting Season

Hunting Season

Mirta Ojito won a shared Pulitzer for national reporting in 2001 for a New York Times series of articles about race in America. Her new book turns to the topic of immigration reform. It is a nonfiction account of a group of teenagers who killed an Ecuadoren immigrant one November night 5 years ago in […]

Graphic Novel Round-up


Today we look at four graphic novels which together show the vast range of the format, in terms of artwork, content, and form. The Cute Girl Network, written by Greg Means and MK Reed and illustrated by Joe Flood, shows the format at its most traditional: cartoon-like artwork, fully sequential panels, and a standard romantic […]


drama high

Today we have two very different, almost opposite, biographies about acting, written by journalists: one a cautionary tale of talent wasted, the other an  inspirational story of talent emergent.  Sokolove’s Drama High tells the inspiring story of a high school drama teacher pushing his students toward success, while Edwards’s Last Night at the Viper Room […]

Looking toward 2014

A Highly Unlikely Scenario

Having submitted our AB4T Best of the Year list to SLJ about 10 days ago, I’m ready to focus my attention on 2014. Yes, there are many more Best lists to come, including the Alex Awards and the Booklist Editors Choice Adult Books for Young Adults, and we will have plenty to say about them. […]

Are You Headed to AASL next Weekend?

If you plan to attend the AASL National Conference in Hartford, CT next week, I hope you will consider attending the Adult Books for Teen Readers author panel, moderated by yours truly. This is a concurrent session scheduled for Saturday at 1pm in the Marriott C. Four fabulous authors are on the panel. All of […]

Spell It Out

spell it out

My 5-year-old daughter has been teaching herself to write. She knows all the sounds of the letters, and some of the two-letter sounds, and she just writes phonetically. It’s pretty great, and I am totally encouraging, even when what she writes bears no resemblance to an English word. But every once in a while she […]