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Adult Books 4 Teens
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Last Tuesday, right before the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend, I had the opportunity to booktalk to the three 11th grade English class sections at my school. During each period I talked about 5 books, then asked the students to share their recent favorites with each other. We left the last 10-15 minutes of the period […]

Thanksgiving Booktalks

First, I would like to alert you all to an SLJ Best Books Twitter Party this afternoon, 4-5pm EST. The hashtag is #SLJBB11. I’ll be there — looking forward to sharing a few sneak peeks at our best of the year list! Now, on to the business of the day. I am excited to share […]

Spring Break Booktalks

Yesterday I had the opportunity to booktalk to our three 11th grade English classes. Although the last Friday before Spring Break may not be the ideal time to cover a class, I was thrilled to have the chance. The last time I booktalked to these same classes was right before Thanksgiving vacation, and you can […]

Recent Booktalks

Early last week, I had the opportunity to booktalk to the three 11th grade English classes at my school. I thought it would be interesting to share this experience, as a very informal case study in appeal. The English teacher kicked off each class by encouraging the students to read over the holidays. I booktalked first, […]