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The Wise Man’s Fear

The Wise Man's Fear

The day finally came! The time is here! The long-awaited second volume of the Kingkiller Chronicles, following The Name of the Wind, has arrived. I served on the Alex Awards committee in 2007, and still remember the thrill of reading The Name of the Wind for the first time. We knew that we had discovered (along with […]

Alternate History, in two parts

All Clear

Connie Willis considers her World War II alternate history/time travel saga to be one book. She calls it Blackout-All Clear, even though Blackout was published in February and All Clear in October. So we decided to publish one review encompassing both. While yes, both books are long (very long), there are teens out there who have no problem […]

Post-apocalyptic Africa

Who Fears Death

A post-apocalyptic, post-technology fantasy set in an Africa plagued by ethnic conflict, genocide and sorcerers. Despite its heavy topic, there is no question that Who Fears Death will appeal to teens. A young girl becomes a young woman while accepting the responsibility of saving her people, helped only by equally young friends and the occasional, […]