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Graphic Novel Round-up


Today we look at four graphic novels which together show the vast range of the format, in terms of artwork, content, and form. The Cute Girl Network, written by Greg Means and MK Reed and illustrated by Joe Flood, shows the format at its most traditional: cartoon-like artwork, fully sequential panels, and a standard romantic [...]

Nonfiction Graphic Novels – A Continuing Discussion


Back in January, we had a conversation (in reference to Derf Backderf’s Alex Award-winning My Friend Dahmer) about what makes a graphic novel “nonfiction” and the rigidity of categories like “fiction” and “nonfiction.” A couple of new comments have been added to that thread, so please head over to the above link to read the whole chain, but [...]

Weekly Reviews: Mid-year Graphic Novels

red handed

Today we have three very different graphic novels.  Matt Kindt’s Red Handed, a gorgeous, full-color novel with an intricately structured plot has been the source of a bit of debate.  Kimberly over on, while granting the novel’s interest, found its experimental structure ultimately frustrating.  And when I gave the book to one of my [...]

Styled with Simplicity, Achieving Eloquence


from graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: No reader, teen or adult, need be an aesthete or an art historian to be aware of the multiplicity of styles imagery can take. Awareness is one matter, but when faced with a style that is abundant with detail, color, line and light/dark interplay, awareness is awakened to [...]

History, Mystery and the Power of Symbolism

Sailor Twain

from regular graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: Mark Siegel’s experience in the graphic novel idiom is long, deep and informed by international strains and precepts. He brings all this to bear in a narrative that plumbs the mysteries first brought to literary ears by Homer: how very like the Sirens’ song is man’s belief [...]

Greed and the Hero

Bloody Chester

from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith: Blending genres in fiction can have the same enriching and expansive effect that blending varietals or spices allow. Sometimes the mixture goes wrong because the blending leaves a neither-this-nor-that overtone; the best blends, however, offer subtleties missing from “pure” strains. Bloody Chester is that special latter sort, in [...]

The Way Back Machine: The Beatles

Baby's in Black

from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith: Arne Bellstorf’s graphic novel history of a very early chapter in the career of the Beatles introduces Americans not only to the feel and look of the group’s German premier, but also gives us a fine intro to a well recognized creator in today’s German comics. While we [...]

Group Dynamics, Or Every Dog Has Her (His) Day


from graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: Among the modern classics teens are set to read as school texts, George Orwell’s Animal Farm resonates with most without rankling. Classrooms across the nation tear the text apart and readers across the nation feel rightfully bright and smug that they get this clever fable, that they have [...]

Unveiling Reality through Fiction

Zahra's Paradise

from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith: While the civil protests and military strong-arm tactics that comprised the event we call Tiananman Square were televised to the world and have been revisited regularly since by activists, politicians and historians from all nations, the brutal suppression of Iranian protesters 20 years later, in response to a [...]

Anarchists all?

Sacco and Vanzetti

From graphic novel blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: This week’s gn reviews are both nonfiction providing facts as well as opinions about some iconic characters.  While sequential art can be a better or worse way of recounting straightforward biography, both science and trial law are particularly well suited to the medium. Throw in the fact that both [...]