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The Daylight Gate (plus more on Best Ofs)

daylight gate

As promised, we have a review today of Jeanette Winterson’s The Daylight Gate, one of the sixteen fiction books that have made more than one “best of” list so far this year. In other news, also as promised I took a look at A Constellation of Vital Phenomena and Tenth of December, and unfortunately I […]

Phone Phreaks and Intellectual Property

exploding the phone

On January 11, a young computer programmer and internet activist named Aaron Swartz was found dead of an apparent suicide.  For those not familiar with him, Swartz, just 26 at his death, was involved in a huge array of groundbreaking information tools, such as RSS (which he helped design), Reddit, the Open Library, and the […]

Weekly Reviews: Short Stories


I love short stories.  I generally love anything that makes an effort not to waste my time, but I especially love the special craft of compression and power that short stories demand of their authors.  I also admire the fact that short story writers have so many more structural options than novelists.  Rather than being […]

Alif the Unseen

Alif the Unseen

G. Willow Wilson is the author of an acclaimed memoir, The Butterfly Mosque: A Young American Woman’s Journey to Love and Islam (Grove, 2010). She has also published graphic novels with illustrator M.K. Perker, including Cairo (2008) and the Air series (2009-2011). Alif the Unseen, in her own words, “represents the moment at which I said “screw […]



from guest blogger, John Sexton: As a reader, I am always looking for that “wow” factor, something in a book that knocks me from the perch of expectation and into a new reading experience that entertains and moves me or presents a new perspective on the familiar.  I have encountered perhaps a couple of dozen […]