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Atomic Comics: How and Why


from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith: If you have the feeling that cartoonists seem to be producing a small stream of sequential art nonfiction about the builders and building of the atomic bomb, you aren’t wrong. If you still haven’t taken the opportunity to explore how and why one or two isn’t “enough,” however, […]

Teamwork: In Government and In Explanation

Health Care Reform

from graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: While editorial pundits offer up simplistic bits and pieces of opinion purporting to “inform”  readers and listeners about the why’s and wherefore’s of government programs, it takes a team of creative communicators to provide a truly insight-provoking explanation of something as complex as the Affordable Care Act. Simple soundbites may […]

The Real Horror Lies Within

The Hidden

from graphic novel blogger Francisca Goldsmith: The appeal to many teen readers of horror as a genre is sometimes ascribed to many finding it relevant to the physical changes they undergo: increasing size and morphing body shapes taken to the extreme, new powers run amok.  This week’s reviewed graphic novels go far in pointing up […]