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Caliban’s War

Caliban's War

Caliban’s War is the second Expanse novel, following last year’s much-lauded Leviathan Wakes. In my post on Leviathan Wakes, I mentioned that James S.A. Corey is actually two people, a pseudonym for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. They also share a blog called Lizard Brain, which is where I learned that there is also an Expanse […]

Leviathan Wakes

Leviathan Wakes

Today’s science fiction blockbuster combines elements of noir mystery and touches of horror. “An Unapologetic Embrace of Sentiment”, a Publishers Weekly interview with the authors of Leviathan Wakes (James S. Corey is a pseudonym for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) addresses their method of working together. This is the second book by Daniel Abraham reviewed on […]