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Pure Adrenaline


I’m finally on spring break, and I hope many of you are enjoying (or looking forward to) a vacation around now, too. Speaking of which, do I ever have a great beach read for you (and the teens you serve, too)! This is my first Patrick Lee novel, but it won’t be the last. Great […]

Serious Business

Gah! The end of the year approaches, and we still have several 2013 titles to recommend, so forgive me if today’s novels are a bit less thematically similar than usual. With that said, all three of today’s novels take us to some very dark corners of teen life. In Save Yourself, we are introduced to […]

A Trio of Thrillers

after her

Three great suspenseful reads today. Joyce Maynard bases her latest on a true crime spree that took place in the 1970s, the “Trailside Killings”. Her young teen narrator and her even younger sister decide to help their detective father catch the serial killer. The father-daughter relationship is a highlight of this one. Maynard created a […]

Omnibus Mystery Review Post

Back at the end of last year, I posted a link to VOYA’s top adult mysteries for teens.  Since, as I said at the time, this blog hadn’t gotten to many (read: almost any) of them, I thought I would take a closer look at the books on VOYA’s list.  But since I am somewhat […]

The October Killings

The October Killings

Wessel Ebersohn writes thrillers that illuminate the society and culture of South Africa. The October Killings is his first book based in the new, post-apartheid South Africa. The October Killings also marks the first appearance of character Abigail Bukula, who will be central to a continuing series of novels. Her partner in this novel, Yudel […]

Crime for Teens

The Lock Artist

For me, one of the hardest genres in which to find adult books with appeal to teens is mystery, or crime. There is such a plethora of books published in the genre every year that sorting through can be a challenge. And of those many, many possibilities, most have little appeal to younger readers. Too […]