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Weekly Reviews: Short Stories


I love short stories.  I generally love anything that makes an effort not to waste my time, but I especially love the special craft of compression and power that short stories demand of their authors.  I also admire the fact that short story writers have so many more structural options than novelists.  Rather than being […]

After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall

After the Fall

After the fall of humanity, a teenager, Pete, leads the survivors back into the past to steal healthy children in order to preserve the human race. That is only one part of Nancy Kress’s new novel, described by the publisher as an eco-thriller/adventure/time-travel mystery. As long as we’re talking science fiction, let’s celebrate Saturday’s announcement of […]

The Uncertain Places

The Uncertain Places

Lisa Goldstein’s new, long-awaited fantasy brings to mind Grimm’s Fairy Tales. More than one popular YA author gives The Uncertain Places a rave: Charles de Lint offers a perceptive, longer-than-we-are-permitted review here (scroll to the bottom of the page).  And Cory Doctorow writes about it on Boing Boing. Ron Hogan of Shelf Awareness wisely recommends giving this […]