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A Darker Shade of Magic

A Darker Shade final for Irene

V.E. Schwab is no stranger to writing for young readers. She has published The Near Witch and the Archived novels for teens and the middle grade Everyday Angel series. Last year her adult debut, Vicious, was the top fantasy pick on the RUSA Reading List. A Darker Shade of Magic made February’s Library Reads. It [...]

Lockstep & Goodhouse


Two excellent science fiction titles today, both featuring teen male protagonists. Lockstep is a hard SF romp that, despite its sophistication, could have been published for a YA audience. Karl Schroeder is a well-known and respected Canadian science fiction author whose output is entirely adult, so his publishers probably did well to keep him in [...]

Lock In

Lock In Scalzi

John Scalzi’s Redshirts was one of my favorite books of 2012 to recommend–fun and funny, Science Fiction but easily accessible to non-SF readers. Now he’s back with another high-concept Science Fiction title, Lock In. A disease called Haden’s Syndrome leaves its victims completely paralyzed–”locked in”–but with their mental facilities fully intact, calling for a series [...]

Dreams of the Golden Age

dreams of the golden age

When I reviewed Carrie Vaughn’s After the Golden Age back in 2011 (and listed it among our Best Books of the Year So Far), I had to be somewhat coy about my favorite aspect of the novel, because it was revealed in the final pages. But now, I think the time for spoilers has passed: [...]

On the Run

The Flight of the Silvers

Last week I observed that it’s been quite a winter for science fiction, and today we share two more SF recommendations. Both feature an alternate history aspect and siblings on the run. In Daniel Price’s The Flight of the Silvers, six people watch as our world is destroyed before being whisked away to an alternate America. [...]

Weekly Reviews: High Adrenaline

blood gospel

In The Reader’s Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction (ALA, 2009), Joyce Saricks divides genre fiction into four categories: Adrenaline Genres, Emotion Genres, Intellect Genres, and Landscape Genres (h/t to Jonathan Hunt for pointing me to this wonderful resource–and click through that link to read some fascinating commentary on the categories).  I find this categorization much more [...]

The Six-Gun Tarot

The Six-Gun Tarot

A few weeks ago, I posted about genre fiction and teen appeal. At that time I made a promise to myself that I would read more genre titles this year. So far so good because by reading The Six-Gun Tarot I covered three in one – fantasy, horror and western. Teens are going to love [...]



Teens who enjoy humorous sci-fi are in for a treat. On release day, John Scalzi wrote the following to his fans about Redshirts, ”…let me tell you what my own plan was for this book when I start writing it: To have fun with it, and to have you have fun with it. I wanted to write [...]

All Men of Genius

All Men of Genius

You know you’ve discovered Adult-Books-4-Teens gold when an author takes the time to assure readers that he has not written a YA novel. Lev AC Rosen posted the following note on his website homepage: “Note from the author: A lot of people who have approached me or emailed me about the book seem to be working [...]

7th Sigma

7th Sigma

Steven Gould is best known for his novel Jumper (Tor, 1992), which was later made into a movie starring Hayden Christensen. Like 7th Sigma, Jumper features a teenager and was marketed to an adult audience. 7th Sigma is a science fiction adventure story that combines a number of teen interests. Cory Doctorow’s blurb says it best, [...]