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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

ALA Convention Floor Goodies (Upcoming Titles and the Like). Part One.

Here was the plan.  To crash the conference floor on Friday and take it easy on Saturday. Of course, the floor wouldn’t open up until Saturday so my well-laid/poorly researched plans went ah-skittering across the floor and out of sight.  Convention floors are only open three days of any given conference.  This is done, I […]

ALA Convention Floor Goodies (Upcoming Titles and the Like). Part Two.

Simon & Schuster had other interesting covers to boot. I was a big big fan of Phineas L. MacGuire… Erupts! last year. And I felt that it really didn’t get the attention it so richly deserved. Someone at S&S obviously agreed with me, but they decided that the flaw lay in the original cover. I […]

ALA Convention Floor Goodies (Upcoming Titles and the Like). Part Three.

Kids Can Press was next on the list and they’ve an interesting selection, fer sure.  Mr. Maxwell’s Mouse by Frank Asch was such a hit that now there’s a follow-up by the name of Mrs. Marlow’s Mice.  You know, when William Wegman puts dog heads on human bodies, it depresses me.  Why is the case […]

More of What I Missed While At ALA

Quick now, quick now! Well, there was a gay children’s books article with a magnificent quote from Arthur A. Levine found thanks to Kids Lit. Kids Lit, for the record, also directed me to the Anti-Princess Reading List. And what kind of cruel person would I be if I didn’t let you know about the […]

Poetry Friday: The Collected Works of Susan Ramsey

Poetry Northwest, Spring 2002 Be sure to go to Shaken & Stirred for today’s round-up. August   Squirrels on the shed roof, trying to mate, don’t seem very good at it though the way he clasps her approximate waist with his almost arms, seems nearly tender, echoes the human.  That, and the way, after several […]

List of Authors/Illustrators. Met, Loved, and Tripped Over. (Part One)

These round-ups are dangerous in part because I suffer from a severe case of ALA Aphasia. I’m going to try to tell you about some of the folks I bumped into while at ALA. This is partly self-indulgent and partly apologetic because I know I’ve forgotten people.  Sorry, guys.  Next conference I’ll let you tattoo […]

List of Authors/Illustrators. Met, Loved, and Tripped Over. (Part Two)

I also met Laura Amy Schlitz during the conference, but she’s a rather private person so I won’t go bandying about the facts of the matter.  Except to say that I want her hair, of course.  Laura Amy Schlitz rules the roost in terms of magnificent hair.  Now go read A Drowned Maiden’s Hair.  Go! […]

Stop With the Cool News. Stop It, I Say.

To my chagrin, it appears that the world continued to turn while I was at the ALA Conference. That means that I’m woefully behind on any and all cool news items. Consarn it.  What did I miss telling you about? Well there was that full-color illustration of the love of my life on 7-Imp.  He […]

Watch the Illustrator Do His Thing. That Thing He Do.

Speaking of blogs, mark this one under the cool illustrator section of your blogroll. Over the next few weeks or so, illustrator Matt Tavares will be showing you the process by which he creates the illustrations for Lady Liberty: A Biography, written by Doreen Rappaport. You may recall Mr. Tavares from his jaw-droppingly stunning pics […]

Blog From a Children’s Book Editorial Intern

This one deserves its own entry, I think. There are a couple facts that you should know at this time. First of all, there is no bathroom in the Teen Central portion of the Donnell Library. And though it is not encouraged, some teens have figured out that it’s much faster to use the children’s […]

Review of the Day: Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis

Elijah of Buxton By Christopher Paul Curtis Scholastic Books $16.99 For ages 10 and up. Before I begin I’d just like to make the note that this is a review from the Advanced Reader Copy of this book. My copy does not have the final text that will appear in the Author’s Note (a fact […]

On Commenting

For those of you who’ve had trouble commenting on this blog, I’ve learned some interesting things.  Apparently pasting an HTML code into the post will mean that SLJ won’t allow you to comment.  I suspect this extends to more than just website addresses, but I’m not sure.  It bears looking at.  Always copy your message […]

Cover Familiarities

They’re not an exact match, but when I was discussing covers this week and how similar the images are on them, someone sent me these two images.  Of even more interest, apparently the second cover got rid of the part containing the man in its paperback edition, but kept the bridge.  Interesting.

Retracing My Steps

Now I am back, relatively rested (all things considered) and willing to divulge to you the gist of what I’ve seen and done. For your reading convenience I am splitting these into different postings. They are, as follows: Convention Floor Goodies (Upcoming Titles and the Like) List of Authors/Illustrators. Met, Loved, and Tripped Over. How […]

First and Foremost: Newbery Banquet Reporting (Part One)

Give the people what they want. And if said people want a picture of a lady in a red dress, it is advisable to hand that picture over to them. So here it is. The one. The only. Ladies and gentlemen… the red dress. Lovely, no? J. Crew, in case you’re interested. Note the matching […]