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Stop With the Cool News. Stop It, I Say.

To my chagrin, it appears that the world continued to turn while I was at the ALA Conference. That means that I’m woefully behind on any and all cool news items. Consarn it.  What did I miss telling you about?

  • Well there was that full-color illustration of the love of my life on 7-Imp.  He may not look like much, but that little alien is aaaaall mine. I claim him. Take a hike, ladies.  Find yourself your own Boov.

  • Thanks to bookshelves of doom we have found that the plot of the upcoming City of Ember film doesn’t tap dance around the whole Was There a Nuclear War? question since the plot summary on Movie Insider says, "When the planet’s atmosphere grows too toxic, Earth’s citizens move to underground cities. Two teenagers dominate the story, one who longs to be a messenger because the job will allow her to venture above ground, while the other dreams of working underground to repair a generator whose failure will doom the city’s power supply. " Coy bastards, aren’t they?

  • I was more than a little shocked to learn too of a sequel to one of the greatest picture books of this or any other century. A review of the sequel to Let’s Get a Pup, Said Kate is now up at 7-Imp. Candlewick needs to be more forthcoming with its monumentally important releases, methinks.

  • On an unrelated note, if you’re a fan of the New Yorker caption contest, you should check out these stats. Conversely, if you hate the New Yorker caption contest with a burning hatred that strikes you to your very core and eats away at what little heart and soul you have left, you should check out these stats. Thanks, as ever, to Dan for the link.

  • Rhubarb alerted me to this Where the Wild Things Are photo (via MTV) from the upcoming film.


And finally, thanks to Shaken and Stirred, I now know the following fact about my blog.

Online Dating

I am tame. Tame tame tame. Even today’s squirrel sex poem doesn’t get me any more than this.  Though, as 7-Imp so astutely pointed out, it would apparently be another matter entirely if the squirrels were gay.

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  1. Ooooh, have you seen “‘The Trouble with Dogs,’ said Dad”? I didn’t think it had the same brilliant design as the first, but the story and illustrations are just as compelling. Bob Graham is one of those that I feel like I’m constantly having to tell people about because an inexcusable number of people aren’t familiar with his work.