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First and Foremost: Newbery Banquet Reporting (Part Two)

Usually at these things the tables are outfitted with a program, a CD of the speeches, and a cute toy. At least, that was how the last Newbery/Caldecott/Wilder banquet worked. When The Hello, Goodbye Window won we all got cute little harmonicas on our tables. I wanted to see what this year’s Flotsam equivalent would […]

First and Foremost: Newbery Banquet Reporting (Part Three)

After Ms. Patron finished (to thunderous applause, of course) Roger Sutton announced the Wilder winner (James Marshall) and we watched a very nice short documentary of his works and their impact. In honor of the occasion, current Newbery chair Nina Lindsay came dressed as Martha from the George and Martha books. When she told me […]

Listy Wisty

I think I have a problem with lists. I can’t let them go. I see one listed somewhere and ZIP! Instantaneous blog posting. Today is the day I return to work from DC and BOY ARE MY ARMS TIRED! silence Oh right. That’s not how the joke works. Anywho, I’ll recap all the other lovely […]

The Politically Correct Villain

A very interesting piece was passed on to me recently regarding the Good Reading Magazine.  It seems that author Anthony Horowitz (of the Alex Rider series, amongst other things) wrote a piece wondering why all his villains have to be white these days.  In relating the recent filmed adaptation of Stormbreaker, for example, he writes, […]

What I’m Reading Now: The Mysterious Edge of the Heroic World by E.L. Konigsburg

I miss this feature of my old blog.  The constantly updated section discussing what I’m reading at any given moment.  It was fun to update.  So what I’ll do instead is make these little random postings relating the same information. In the case of Konigsburg’s latest, I just picked it up on the ALA Convention […]

Review of the Day: Sugar Cane (Part One)

Sugar Cane: A Caribbean Rapunzel by Patricia Storace.  Illustrated by Raul Colon. Jump at the Sun (Hyperion imprint). $16.99. A small girl child comes up to you.  She wants a fairy tale.  You are the librarian she is asking a book from.  You are entirely on your own.  A couple options open themselves up to […]

Review of the Day: Sugar Cane (Part Two)

There were things I would have liked to have seen, of course. Illustrators like Paul Zelinsky have found that the Rapunzel storyline has a lot more depth and interest if you don’t view the witch as an out-and-out monster. This is essentially the story of a woman who wants a baby. Rapunzel/Sugar Cane is well […]

Dangerous Liberal Sympathies

If you are not a regular reader of The Colbert Report, then the following link might strike you as a touch odd.  Perhaps I should explain the show first.  Stephen Colbert is a fake pundit who mocks the right-wing talk show personalities by imitating them.  Let’s see what his Wikipedia entry says.. ah… here we […]

Copycats on Galleycat

Top o’ the Monday to you.  Today my whirlwind DCness winds down.  Just a breakfast and a lunch is planned.  Maybe I’ll go watch that young man Nick Hornby do his thing.  I return tomorrow, but don’t count on anything exciting quite yet.  I’ll recount my knife fight with Cornelia Funke and illegal break-ins alongside […]

I Could Make a Whole Book Out of This Stock Footage

I’ve a really really great article found via bookshelves of doom.  Now I’ve always had conflicted feelings towards Getty Images.  Sometimes I’ll see a great cover and think the Art Director really nailed the essential nature of the book.  Like last year when I saw how lovely Jenny Han’s Shug was. Aw.  So pretty pretty.  […]

Video Sunday – ALA Edition

Whilst I flit about like a hummingbird on Jolt cola here in monumentally moist Washington D.C., you lucky lous get to sit at home watching YouTube videos. How I envy you. But I’m not bitter. Just to take you to where I am, here’s the looney Drill Cart videos that convinced me that I need […]

Well, How DO You?

We’ve all played around with the notion of writing fiction, haven’t we?  I know I have.  And so it was with great pleasure that I read the Chrononautic Log’s recent post Ten Things I Don’t Know About Writing.  Because frankly, I don’t know a lot of these things either.  If any authors would like to […]

Blog Touring It Up with Jill Santoplo

Mystery and stolen gold.  Harper Collins editor Jill Santopolo has recently released her very first children’s book Alec Flint: Super Sleuth, a tale of one boy detective and his quest to discover the location of a missing Christopher Columbus exhibit.  Called "a solid middle-grade series in the tradition of Encyclopedia Brown," Jill (who is, I […]

Take Us Home, Justina

The Summer Book Blogger Tour ends today.  It had a good run.  Plus I lucked out on my authors, which didn’t hurt any.  In fact, I had such a good time doing this that I might do a special guest interview sometime next week.  Fingers crossed to see if it goes through.  After all, I […]

Behind the Kiki: An Interview With Kirsten Miller (pt. 1)

Have I mentioned how much I love blogs that can you can set up to post in your absence.  Ah, science! Alrighty.  Today we feature the third and last interview of a smart-type writerly personage of the kidlit persuasion.  Voila, Kirsten Miller.  She was grilled by Jen Robinson.  She was sixty-minuted by Miss Erin (new […]