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Post-Potter Catharsis

*cracks neck*

*shakes out shins*

*elicits a rather disturbing POP from upper left-hand clavicle*

Yes, I have finally finished the last Harry Potter book. I’d write a review of it here and now but I’m at the wrong computer at the moment. Consarn it. Until then, let’s bone up on various points of interest out there.  Now that I’m back in the real world again, I can start reading blogs once more.  My news should increase significantly in the next few days.

  • And if you’re looking forward to the next Harry Potter movie, I have some damned weird news for you. When you think of Narcissa Malfoy who do you think of? Frankly, I was hard pressed to come up with any women who could pull off the blond look, but I was willing to see someone slap on a wig aka Jason Isaacs. So who do they cast? An Aussie! Naomi Watts, of all people, is Cissy. I’m baffled. Watts? I guess I always sort of saw Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton in that role. Someone who could do the haughty thing juuuuust right. Then again, it is a tiny part.

  • Speaking of the big screen, from Cynopsis Kids we learn that an old children’s book, now completely inseparable from the film that bears its name, is getting a second chance at celluloid.  And I quote:  "In the, everything old is new again department … Disney’s movie Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) is set to be remade, per the Hollywood Reporter . Currently titled, Witch Mountain, the new adaptation of the movie will be directed by Andy Fickman , who directed the movie She’s The Man and will direct the remake of Fame. Escape to Witch Mountain is based on the 1968 book of the same name by sci-fi writer Alexander Key. And nope, Bette Davis wasn’t in this movie; she was in the sequel Return from Witch Mountain (1978)."

Oddly, my library appears to own the sequel but not the original Key novel. Most peculiar.  Nice to know that info on Bette Davis.  This was, I suppose, before she starred in Watcher in the Woods.  Or, as I like to call it, The Shining For Kids!  Seriously, Disney, what was up with that movie?  Bonjourno, nightmares for life!

  • By the way, I know there used to be a feature on my old blog that showed what I was currently reading. I can’t adapt this blog to offer the same option, but if you go to my page on Good Reads, you will find a continually updated site that looks at my current reads. Many thanks to Kelly for the, perhaps, accidental invite.

  • Cool. It’s Diana Wynne Jones via Shaken & Stirred and she’s discussing the differences between writing for children and writing for adults. Which is to say, she was discussing it. Due to the fact that the article ends with the sentence, "Her novel for adults, A Sudden Wild Magic, will be published in the United States by Morrow in 1992," I think we can safely assume that this isn’t exactly the newest of the news.  Then again, what with people sputtering over seeing Harry Potter readers on the subways, maybe it’s time to get a perspective on what the differences really are.

  • And it in the realms of Say It Ain’t So comes this bit of bad news. *sniffle* As if things weren’t bad enough as it is.  Sorry to end on such a depressing note.  Tomorrow I’ll cheer us all up with some balloons and hand puppets. I promise.

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  1. adrienne says:

    That’s what I get for reading Weekly World News in the grocery aisle and never buying it.

  2. celerysoda says:

    I’m glad for the news of Escape to Witch Mountain. I loved that book when I was a kid. Our library still has a copy, but it’s in tough shape, but I guess a return to the silver screen definitely means it will be back in print! I also remember being appalled when I finally saw the original movie — the utter cheesy Disney-ness of the flying minibus, etc. — so maybe they’ll get it right the next time around. Assuming they don’t pull a Dark-Is-Rising travesty.

  3. The other Alexander Key book which I loved when I was a kid was The Forgotten Door. More science fiction with a moral-can’t we all just get along bit. But I must say I loved the original Witch Mountain movie

  4. Nice job on the NYT’s article today. My daughter and I both LOVE Junie B.

  5. Mugglenet is today reporting that the Naomi Watts report is false. (*phew*) I’m holding out for Kristin Scott Thomas as Narcissa!

  6. Fuse #8 says:

    Thank heavens! Glad to hear it. I wonder where Dark Horizons got the story then. They tend to be pretty reliable. And Kristin Scott Thomas is a darn good idea. Kudos.

  7. Jen Robinson says:

    I loved both the original Escape to Witch Mountain book and the old Disney movie. Yes, it’s cheesy. But if you fell in love with it as a kid, then you can’t help but continue to love it. The crusty Walter Mathau is wonderful. I like The Forgotten Door quite a bit, too. I re-read it every few years. I’d love to see a movie of that, if it was well-done. Thanks to the Escape news!

  8. The Forgotten Door is one of my most fondly remembered books from childhood. Like Jen, I reread it every few years.

  9. I LOVED Escape to Witch Mountain as a kid and now have both movies on DVD. Somehow, despite being a HUGE book nerd, I had no idea they were based on books. And I too was frightened to death by The Watcher in the Woods. But I loved it anyway. Freaking scary. Esp. the girl in the mirror with the blindfold on.

    By the way, I’m VERY interested to see who remembers the 1990’s made-for-TV remake of Escape to Witch Mountain, with Erik von Detten and A LOT of purple lights.