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Putting in OFF in Off-Topic

We’re in a goofy mood today.  Must be something in the water.  Brita water filters last for ten years or so, right?

To business!  Now it is rare that I meet someone with children’s literary tastes that mimic my own.  Half the fun of working at the Central Children’s Room is that of the five children’s librarians there, you’ll very rarely find all of us agreeing on a single book.  Heck, you’re rarely find TWO of us agreeing on a single book.  All the weirder then that when Editorial Anonymous wrote the post A Strong Right Hook I found myself pumping my fist and yelling, "Hell yeah!" on every single book she mentioned.  Swear to god if I ever meet this person (and discern behind their velvet the mask their secret identity) I will lavish them with great oodles of praise.

I just met with my IT guy here at SLJ, Dan Blank, and we got to talking about podcasting.  It then occurred to me that there are a couple sites out there with fun podcasts that just don’t get noticed.  There’s the Bat Segundo show, for example, which recently featured some great interviews with Berkely Breathed.  Mr. Breathed had a huge influence on my childhood and, technically, he writes children’s books so I’m still on topic . . . .

. . . . until now.

Here’s where it starts to get goofy.  I saw that Eric Berlin had Simpsonized himself and, well…

I mean, how could I resist?  

No chin, but I like the fact that they had my hair as an option.

And just to keep it random, Eric Berlin ALSO brought my attention to the greatest use of those roller coaster pictures I’ve ever seen.  Thank you, Eric.  And we started out so well today.  *sigh*

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