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Recommendation from Under the Radar: Stoneflight

I’m going to cheat today and use a review I originally wrote about this book back in September of 2005.  This was a Viking Press title that hit the shelves in 1975.  With the sudden appearance of the book Stoneheart by Charlie Fletcher just this year, I thought it only fair to show that the […]

The Last Poetry Friday – Final Collected Work of Susan Ramsey

On second thought, that title above makes it sound like she’s dead.  Which, I assure you, is not the case.  It’s just that Mom has only published so many titles and we’ve been doing this Poetry Friday gig for quite a few months now.  I don’t quite know what I’ll use to fill the gap […]

Delicious Natterings

Oh! Oh! Oh! Such good film news.  THEY’RE REMAKING THE ILLUSTRATED MAN!!! I hope the Ray Bradbury fans amongst us appreciate this.  Now let’s go watch them screw it up again. Speaking of movies, I like to keep an eye out for children’s books turned into films. What I don’t always think to look out […]

Recommendations from Under the Radar – Friday

FRIDAY A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy: The Vietnam books by Ellen Emerson White Big A, little a: The Deep by Helen Dunmore Bildungsroman: The May Bird Trilogy by Jodi Lynn Anderson Finding Wonderland: The Avion My Uncle Flew by Cyrus Fisher Not Your Mother’s Bookclub: A look at some recently revised classics […]

Recommendation from Under the Radar: The Noisy Counting Book

You have heard, I’m sure, of movies that didn’t make so much as a red cent during their initial release. Films like "The Princess Bride", which acquired their lucrative cult classic status long after they’d made the rounds in the theaters. The same can be said of books, you know. Certain books will sometimes do […]

Recommendations from Under the Radar – Thursday

Crazy . . . . work . . . *random sputters* . . . . picnic . . . . busy . . . *dribbles* I feel I’ve neglected you. Don’t worry. I’ll have random information next week. In the meantime you’ll just have to get your fill of reviews on this and other sites.  […]

Putting the Brief in… uh… Brief

Roger has announced that the very first Horn Book podcast is up and running at the moment.  You may listen to the melodious strains of his voice at your leisure.  When Bookninja linked to this he decided to call it horror writing for children. You may test the appropriateness of the title on your own […]

Recommendations from Under the Radar – Wednesday

Nope.  Nothing underrated here today.  For a bit of the old how’s-your-mother, I recommend that you check out the blogs listed below.  What else are you gonna do, after all?  It’s only Wednesday. WEDNESDAY A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy: The President’s Daughter series by Ellen Emerson White Big A, little a: The […]

Review of the Day: The Professor’s Daughter (Part One)

The Professor’s Daughter by Joann Sfar.  Illustrated by Emmanuel Guibert.  First Second (an imprint of Roaring Brook Press).  $16.95.  Ages 11 and up. The romantic implications behind classic horror monsters are usually explored only when horror remains the primary focus and romance a secondary characteristic. There are exceptions to this rule, but they tend to […]

Review of the Day: The Professor’s Daughter (Part Two)

(CONTINUED FROM PART ONE) I’d not seen Guibert’s art before, but after reading this book I feel I should seek him out. For example, I enjoyed how the colors in this book shift at the most interesting moments. At first, everything is all brown sepia. As if we’re watching a photograph from the time period […]

Recommendation from Under the Radar: The Winged Girl of Knossos by Erick Berry

I received my degree in library and information science in a small midwestern college going by the name of St. Catherine.  Librarianship was one of those occupations I fought against.  I was the kid who made a cataloging system for the family videotapes.  Who tried to work out a pre-computer list of searchable terms for […]

Don’t Nobody Tell Me Nothin’

First KT Horning (former president of ALSC, doncha know) goes and makes a blog called Worth the Trip. Cooler still, it’s a gay children/YA book blog AND AND AND she features the newest Pija Lindenbaum book in a recent post. A book I would rather like to get my hands on. *cough cough* Thanks to […]

Recommendations from Under the Radar – Tuesday

Time to bring even more recommended books.  Go wild with the choices we are offering: TUESDAY A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy: A discussion of author Ellen Emerson White and why she is "under the radar" Big A, little a: Ingo by Helen Dunmore Jen Robinson’s Book Page: The Changeling and The Velvet […]

Recommendations from Under the Radar – Monday

Though the primary focus of this particular blog is to look at the books that come out in the current year, I acknowledge that with every passing season, great titles fall through the cracks.  They’re forgotten, forlorn, and all but gone once they go out-of-print.  Poor babies.  So it was that Colleen Mondor had an […]

Review of the Day: Someone Named Eva (Part One)

Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf.  Clarion Books (a Houghton Mifflin imprint). $16.00.  On shelves now. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. The arrival of a noteworthy work of historical fiction for kids tends to work one of two ways. Either the marketing machine behind the book hits bookstores and libraries full-force, cramming said […]