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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

An Authorial Bloggy Round-Up

Let’s see what the authorial blogs are up to these days. I hard ever pay enough attention to those brave men and women on the front lines.

  • Susan Varon: Actually it’s from the First Second blog, but who’s counting? I missed this event but check out the delicious tie-in to Ms. Varon’s Robot Dreams that came provided.

  • Adam Rex: Has yet another great character in need of a story. Right now it’s Joe, the Cuddliest Tapeworm. Think tapeworms can’t possibly be adorable? Think again. Awwwww. Look at its widdle biddy hands. Character #1 was Chimpanzeke, for the record.

  • Finally, I’m pleased that Laini Taylor has at last announced the purchase of her book Goblin Fruit by Arthur A. Levine. I know it’s YA and I’m not supposed to get excited about stuff that isn’t specifically for children, but this sounds so neat. As Laini puts it, "it’s creepy and supernatural and sexy and romantic, and it’s going to be fully illustrated by Jim [her husband]! How AWESOME is that? Not illustrated like a graphic novel, but more like a lush old fairy tale book from the turn of the century with lots of beautiful black and white drawings and fancy borders and stuff like that." She mentioned this to me a while ago but I couldn’t say anything about it. Sounds great. The book has some connections to Rossetti’s Goblin Market and, coincidentally enough, Tony DiTerlizzi recently had a posting up on goblins including a Rackham print from the Rossetti piece. But back to Laini, sweet jeebus, that hair is pink (scroll down on her post).

  • And now, your moment of Zen (to quote The Daily Show).

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    (Er, I mean, what an utterly delightful photograph! And one of my favorite books in the series, too.)