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Video Sunday

All right. The fight to prove that picture books can be turned into full-length feature films continues. Thus far, no picture book has ever successfully made the leap from page to screen (though some might count "Shrek"). And since the good doctor is always up for grabs, here’s the trailer for Horton Hears a Who.

Hoo-boy (no pun intended).

Certain blogs can be relied on to provide great kidlit video content, but none so well as BookMoot. Recently this site has been bringing us everything from fan videos of books to an "Artemis Fowl" bit o’ info. Here’s an oddly sweet Harry Potter Vs. Percy Jackson homemade movie, simply charming in its fake British accents and gigantic suburban homes.

This one’s for the bloggers and the authors.  From Jane Yolen I was sent this little bit of warning about the dangers of not copyediting your work.  Due to the fact that this blog doesn’t have spellcheck (at least, not on a Mac) you can imagine how much I enjoyed this piece.

Sandbox mentioned that this little piece of rotoscope magic feels like an old Sesame Street short. I just like the combination of illustration and video.

Since 4,000 Charlie Rose hours of interviews went online, (discovered via Drawn) I’ve been searching through them for fun. You won’t find any Maurice Sendak or Beverly Cleary, but there are some with cartoonists like Charles Schultz, Gary Trudeau, and Art Spiegelman. On the kidlit side, the only interviews I could really find were, of course, Harry Potter related.  Here’s one where you actually get to see Arthur A. Levine. Nice.

And finally, for our regular off-topic vid, a little something I like to call, Why You Should Never Trust Wikipedia.

Fun Fact/Nepotism Deluxe: I’m friends with the silver robot guy.

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  1. So… that little boy wasn’t just a tree in his first life… he was The Giving Tree.