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Video Sunday

I think I overstretched myself last week.  Not as much in the realm of video-laden fun came to my attention in the past 7 days.  Just one or two pleasing points. 

So I’m sitting in the movie theater getting ready to see Once (so so so sososo good) and I see this trailer for a movie called Dedication. It appears to be about a children’s book author and a new illustrator and their partnership/possible romance. The kind of film where the hero has a license plate on his car that reads KDZ BKS. Don’t know what to think of it yet. Check it out.

One happy moment this week was the creation of The True Meaning of Smekday website. Better still, it has puppets! Yes, there’s a training video on the site meant to show our alien invaders (the Boov) how best to interact with the human species.

I’ve worked it out. I think I was born on the 4th of Mitch.

Finally (I told you I didn’t have a lot) this one goes out not just to the teachers but to the fellow librarians, authors, and illustrators out there. I have to thank the child_lit listserv for showing me this one. This is Taylor Mali. Taylor Mali is kicking ass and taking names.

Now go out there and get a teaching degree. HA!
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  1. Taylor Mali! My sister the forensics coach uses this poem — what a treat to see him do it! (And how weird that the two of you are the two people I’ve heard mention him…)

  2. erm, you know what “shot my wad” means, right?

  3. Uhhh..yeah..I was thinking of asking the same question, re: shot my…ahem. It sure woke me up this morning while reading this great blog!

    I love that Taylor Mali video. I posted it on my blog not too long ago. I know quite a few teachers who really appreciate that poem. And his presentation is astounding.

  4. Hmm. Perhaps some judicious pruning of my comments is in order here. One sec . . .

  5. Thanks, Betsy!
    That “Dedication” looks like it might be a good movie. What it doesn’t look like, as far as I can tell, is an actual author/illustrator relationship in childrens’ publishing. In any way, shape, or form.
    But Hey! Mandy Moore and Billy Crudup!

  6. I didn’t look at that trailer until I came back again for another peak at your blog. Hmmm…interesting, but…as a children’s illustrator, and one who knows a children’s few illustrators and writers, this is not how a book gets created. Usually the editors want to keep the writer and illustrator as far away from each other as possible. I only met the author of the most recent book I illustrated after the book was published, at a children’s author/illustrator party, and we live in the same city.

  7. I’ve only met one of my illustrators. And that was because the editor didn’t know that we both belonged to the same writer’s/illustrator’s organization here in Washington, DC. But the same rules apply — she was told not to talk to me about the book and I had to put all my questions about the illustrations through the editor. (I finally just presented her with a groundhog puppet to help her with the illustrations, plus an example of the craft. ) ——————– I do tend to e-mail her directly when I especially like her work. I did this the minute I saw the cover of my Halloween Day book. — wendie)

  8. Ooooo…wait, I lied. I’ve met another writer of a book I’m illustrating right now, and that was just a fluke ā€“ we happened to know each other already, and as fate would have it, I got the job of illustrating his book. Total happenstance.

    It’s so true, isn’t it, Wendie? I’ve been told that editors and art directors are afraid that the author and illustrator will join forces and gang up on their bosses! Hee hee. It does make me very curious about this movie, I must say.

    Say…the book I just illustrated is a Halloween book, too! My blog is:

  9. Taylor Mali! A woman after my own heart! If you haven’t heard his whole “Conviction” CD, buy it. Buy it now. The reviews of “Dedication” have been mediocre, but I’m glad to hear you liked “Once” – it’s on my short list…but, alas, I have to trek into Manhattan to see it. Grrrr…Queens.

  10. Rebecca Sherman says:

    I’m thinking Kid Lit Movie Night: Dedication some time this week…what do you think Betsy?

  11. Movie night, eh? Well, if Laura’s right then the movie may be a dud. I like the idea, though. This week isn’t very good for me (lots of running around in an undignified manner) but maybe next week would be a possibility. I’ll have to poll the masses on what they think. Good idea, though.

  12. Wow, Fuse, the Taylor Mali clip was like a special present for my first day of faculty orientation. I was scared to death, now I’m all inspired. Thanks!

  13. Awwwww. That’s remarkably sweet of you to say. Thank you!