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Don’t Nobody Tell Me Nothin’

First KT Horning (former president of ALSC, doncha know) goes and makes a blog called Worth the Trip. Cooler still, it’s a gay children/YA book blog AND AND AND she features the newest Pija Lindenbaum book in a recent post. A book I would rather like to get my hands on. *cough cough* Thanks to Read Roger

for the link.

And then there’s the fact that the library system with the highest circulation in the country ain’t mine. It ain’t even Brooklyn. Oh, Queens. Must you consistently shame us so? First you go about getting all pro-active when it comes to hiring new staff at the DC ALA Convention and now your stats are too damn high. Tell me the truth, Laura, you guys all check out ten books apiece every night, right? Right?

Author Sue Stauffacher of Donuthead fame has started a blog of her very own. A blog with ambitions no less. Called Readia, Sue notes that the purpose of the site is to, "alert parents, teachers and others who work with children and low-level readers to high quality literature that fosters a love of reading.Readia is specifically aimed at children who are reluctant to read because they prefer other forms of media.
They may also have low skill levels. The books that Sue features will be appropriate for all readers, but are targeted at readers from a variety of cultures and/or low socioeconomic backgrounds." Even more fun, Michel Martin of NPR’s Tell Me More is interviewing Sue on Monday about her book Nothing But Trouble: The Story of Althea Gibson just in time for the 50th anniversary of Althea’s historic win at the U.S. Open. Be sure to listen.

And last but not least, your average everyday The Astronomical Brainabetizer. Here’s my blog spelled out in brains:

In astronomical natural wonders:

And in sterling silver charms:

Fun fun.
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  1. Ain’t it cool? A librarian told me they believe our stats are so high because we have such a large middle-class sector. Frankly, I think our stats rock because of the QL blimp and the QL pictures all over the sides of buses. Really, I do. Yep.

    And did you see that I reviewed two Lindenbaum books, including the new one? “Mini Mia” is so well-done, and I’d recommend it highly to caregivers looking for behavior/emotion books – it has a lot to say about jealousy and cooperation, I think.

    And who is the mysterious Queens blogger you mentioned a few posts ago? Intriguing…

  2. Marketing! Yes! Yes this is what I’ve been saying all along! Libraries should market the whozits out of themselves. We’re at the point where large segments of the population are unaware that you can get books, DVDs, CDs, etc. from the library FOR FREE! Oh, and Laura I’m totally making you a Goodreads friend. You have been warned.