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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Delicious Natterings

  • Oh! Oh! Oh! Such good film news.  THEY’RE REMAKING THE ILLUSTRATED MAN!!! I hope the Ray Bradbury fans amongst us appreciate this.  Now let’s go watch them screw it up again.
  • Speaking of movies, I like to keep an eye out for children’s books turned into films. What I don’t always think to look out for are folktales turned into films. Tall tales, if you want to be precise. Tall tales of the John Goodman playing Paul Bunyan variety.  Homina homina huh?
  • The blog Cuentesitos is currently showing the SCBWI blogging presentation that Kelly Herold, Tanita Davis, Allie Costa, Sarah Stevenson, and Gina Ruiz gave at the national conference. It’s fun to look through, and Cuentesitos is worth a peek or two as well.
  • Oh good. I was hoping that J.L. Bell at Oz and Ends would provide a recap of his previous Harry Potter predications and indeed now he has. All is right with the world.
  • Worth the Trip has a great post by the name of Was Stuart Little gay?  Honestly?  What more do I have to write?  Talk about a hook

I figure it’s either this or Beet Root for me.

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  1. I swear I’d risk a spritz of Funeral Home — lilies and carnations? What’s not to like?