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Kidlit Drink Night: Post-Society of Illustrators Partying

It’s that time again.  Like the Bat Signal I’m shooting this image across the blogosphere and I shall continue to do so until we get a goodly quantity of folks noting it. 

As some of you are aware, this coming Thursday is the Society of Illustrators show here in NYC.  There will be a whole plethora of Hot Men of Children’s Literature present and if I were ever to make a calendar out of them, that would be the time to do so.

How does this affect you?  Well, wouldn’t you like to meet these illustrators?  And you, illustrators out there!  Wouldn’t you like to hang out somewhere cool and delicious afterwards?

Here’s all the info you need then.

Where: Baker Street – 1152 1st Avenue, corner of 63rd Street.  Not too far from the Society of Illustrators shindig.  We’ll get a space either under my name or the name of Rebecca Sherman.
When: I’m going to say 8:00, though there are some mild problems with this.  The awards ceremony starts at 7:00, and some people may wish to stay for that. It’s a school night, so take that into consideration.
Who: You, that’s who.  You, with the stars in your eyes.  Stars = the possibility of free picture books in this case.  I want librarians, bloggers, and teachers. 
Why: Uh, cause it’s awesome?
No, I Meant Why On a Week Night: Oh.  Cause that’s when the show is and I don’t hold any sway over the Society of Illustrators (working on it).  This is for those people who didn’t get an invite to the show but want to hang out with cool people EVEN THOUGH it’s 8:00 on a week night.  Just stay for an hour if you’re worried about staying out late.  All I ask is that you put in an appearance.

Got all that?  Good, because I’ll be advertising this again closer to the date in question.

Thanks, as always, to Stefan Driesbach-Williams for my image.

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