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Feeling Up Movies Stars and Discussing Dirty Money

  • A couple comic strips take a glance at the outing of Dumbledore, for whatever it’s worth.  You may locate them here and here. Plus Allison over at ShelfTalker has a great piece on the subject. Worth the Trip did a round-up of her own as well (and I enjoyed her line, "Okay, so what’s the scoop on Madame Hooch?"). It’s interesting how many new media sources have decided that Dumbledore’s outing requires a standard These People Might Be Gay Too piece. There’s one in Tufts Daily and one in New York Magazine, and probably fifty more I’m just not seeing somewhere.  Media event of the Fall indeed.

  • Newbery Winner Feels Up Colin Farrell. Oh, like I could make this stuff up. I heard about this a week ago but figured I’d wait until the woman in question talked about it on her site. Thank God, she has.

  • Bookninja doing a kidlit blog? Just in my dreams, I guess. I mean, talk about a cool perspective he’d have. He’s Canadian, so there’s that. He hates JK Rowling, which would make for lively debates (something you always want to find in a good book blog). And Bookninja is better at summarizing book-related news with a well-placed jab than almost any other adult book blog I know. Thanks to bookshelves of doom for the link.

  • I’m behind on my Original Content reading, which is never a good idea. Gail Gauthier has the scoop on everything from the interviews with the finalists for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature to Daniel Handler talking ’bout moolah.  Go read.

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