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A Fuse #8 Production
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A Kid’ll Eat Ivy Too, Wouldn’t You?

Oh, mares it oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Or so they say. I’ve never really seen a lamb eat ivy. Sounds bitter.  On to the news! There’s a serious objection against self-chosen anonymous bloggers over at Reading, writing, and chocolate. Initially I thought it was about anonymous commenters, but this […]

Robert’s Snowflakes

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Robert’s Snowflakes – Featuring Brian Floca

By this point in time, most of you have grown aware of the Robert’s Snow auction, as coordinated by children’s literary bloggers.  If not, here’s a summary.  In September, Jules of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast asked whether or not bloggers would be interested in featuring artists who had created snowflakes for Robert’s Snow 2007 […]

Robert’s Snowflakes

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Exclusive Punk Farm Interview (Part One)

It seems unfair to have featured only one member of Punk Farm‘s motley crew (so to speak) on my site.  So it is with great pleasure that I present to you my participation in the Punk Farm blog tour.  An in-depth interview with the guys who make it all happen.  With the upcoming release of […]

Exclusive Punk Farm Interview (Part Two)

(CONTINUED FROM PART ONE) SHEEP: I wouldn’t mind collaborating with Billy Jo from Green Day. We could sit down and write some seriously deep songs. GOAT: I’d like to work with Jack White, but after Cow and Meg White went head to head, it just got a little awkward and weird.     FUSE #8: Not everyone […]

Review of the Day: First Light (Part One)

First Light By Rebecca Stead Wendy Lamb Books (Random House imprint) $15.99 ISBN: 978-0375840173 For Ages 9 and up On shelves now Sometimes I stop myself in the middle of the day and think random thoughts. Thoughts like, "Why am I so freaked out by pigeons with deformed feet?" or, "Is there a logical reason […]

Review of the Day: First Light (Part Two)

(CONTINUED FROM PART ONE) There were a couple problems here and there, of course. For example, I did feel that there was some difficulty in this book when it came to separating names of characters. Particularly characters of the dog-like persuasion. In Gracehope the dogs, or Chikchu, are special companions to the humans. Each person […]


Oodles of it, actually. If you will direct your attention to a couple blogs here and there, you will find interviews and reviews with a wide assortment of fabulous personages. For example, on Book Buds is an interview with the great and powerful Jane Yolen. And in this corner over here is another tri-review over […]

Robert’s Snowflakes

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Reporting: JK Rowling at Carnegie Hall

First of all, I was not at the evening presentation where Ms. Rowling made the announcement/pronouncement/outing.  As I figure it, this means that Ms. Rowling owes me one great big very interesting secret of the Harry Potter universe.  I’m sure she’ll think of something.  Until then, I’m content to wait. No, my viewing of the […]

Reporting: Harper Collins Fall 2007 Library Preview (Part One)

Posts like these make my software go funky.  Lots of characters, pictures and links.  I predict this will take 15 separate postings.  Give or take. Mmm. Harper Collins. Housing its preview within the News Corp building, it’s a unique place to visit. The kind of building where you have to tell the elevators where you’re […]

Reporting: Harper Collins Fall 2007 Library Preview (Part Two)

(CONTINUED FROM PART ONE)  Quickly before the bell rang, Table #2 told us about K. Applegate’s upcoming early chapter series Roscoe Riley Rules which is being sold as a kind of "Junie B. Jones for boys". We were told that it was difficult to find books of this sort for boys that didn’t include superpowers. […]

Reporting: Harper Collins Fall 2007 Library Preview (Part Three)

( CONTINUED FROM PART TWO) DING! Table #4 was for Elise Howard, Tara Weikum, and Farrin Jacobs. It was the first table to talk about its books in the order that they were printed on the Powerpoint handout. Extra points to them then. This table indulged less in sequels and more in books that continue […]

Reporting: Harper Collins Fall 2007 Library Preview (Part Four)

(CONTINUED FROM PART THREE) No sequels here . . . . oh, who’m I kidding? Of course there were sequels! One good and one unsurprising. The first was the sequel to Swordbird by Nancy Yi Fan called Sword Quest. Of course. The other (and I was excited to see this, even though I never read […]