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A Fuse #8 Production
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Video Sunday – Sports Edition (which is to say, I have included one sport)

Co-worker Rebecca finds Sherman Alexie swoonable.

Well, swoon it up, Rebecca!

That was from bookshelves of doom. Come to think of it, so’s this one. Gosh I love people who make my job easy. This is a live action version of Quidditch. The kid in yellow is the snitch. Apparently instead of just catching him, the Seekers must pummel him into submission. He should get extra credit for that backflip too.

A special thanks to Saints and Spinners this week. I rarely find noteworthy library-based videos, but this one certainly wows the pupils sufficiently. It also happens to concede the sheer sexiness of librarians. Well played, Mr. Minor, sir.

Mo Willems has a message for the kiddies over at a lovely library blog called Story Pockets.

And since I already mentioned it yesterday, today I chose my off-topic posting to be a link to the videos of my sis’s TV show, Come On Over. I recommend the ones about the bees, the thespians, and maybe the moods.

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  1. Loved the Qidditch. I’ve read about people trying land-based versions of the game and have tried some myself at my Harry Potter parties. However I always had to stop the game before too much blood was shed. those Bludgers really want to Bludge — hard. And besides, I worried about the effects of ball and snitch v. the windows in the library meeting room.

    The best event ( and one that really works) is levitating a feather in the air. A hand-cut twig works well, but this year we tried pretzel rods. They’re the best at keeping those feathers in the air.