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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

2009 Newbery and Caldecott Predic . . . . Whaaa?

Why not?  If predicting the Newbery and Caldecott Awards is a futile experience at any point in the year, what harm could there be in placing your bets as soon as possible in the process? By this point in time we’ve seen and heard about the bulk of the cool Spring releases.  We’ve read the […]

Review of the Day: Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln

Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln By Judith St. George Illustrated by Matt Faulkner Philomel (a division of Penguin) $16.99 ISBN: 978-0-399-24174-1 Ages 6-10 On shelves now Non-fiction Monday is today. Picture Book of the Day has the round-up. I had lunch with an author the other day and the subject happened to turn to the topic […]

Video Sunday – Field Trip!

This week much of the cool stuff, the really cool stuff, was located on websites without embedding links.  Curses!  Foiled again!  I’ll still begin with the best embedded link of the week, though. Everyone’s just been gaga over this Roaring Brook Press video of Marion Bataille’s upcoming pop-up abecedarian joy, ABC3D and well they should […]

Fusenews: Hand Written . . . Literally!

I’ve had many an interesting conversation with librarians and teachers over age-appropriate non-fiction topics.  When do you start to discuss the Holocaust with kids?  Is a five-year-old going to have an appreciation for a picture book biography of Anne Frank?  When do you start to introduce the word "atrocity" in their vocabulary?  The Washington Post […]

Fusenews: Chiggers, Papercuts, and a Size Four That Shouldn’t Be

Do not adjust your set.  You’re seeing correctly.  You now live in a world where there are Tetris bookshelves.  Oh, sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you!  I am mildly worried that every time I saw these in my home the ubiquitous Tetris music (you know the tune I mean) would start to […]

Cheapo, Amazing, Fabulous Children’s Books For the Masses!

Hello, friend. Do you sit around your house wondering why you can never find great children’s books in abundance? Do you wonder why the Central Children’s Room of New York Public Library doesn’t sell their books all that often? Do you have some free time today or tomorrow between the hours of 10-5? Then hitch […]

Review of the Day: Thirteen

Thirteen By Lauren Myracle Dutton Children’s Books (a division of Penguin) $15.99 ISBN: 978-1-525-47896-6 Ages 10-15 On shelves now It’s always weird to drop right smack dab into the middle of a series. You never know whether you’re missing out on some subtle details from the previous books, or even whether or not the book […]

Fusenews: "Paper Llama" is an Anagram For "Papal Realm". Coincidence?

I think I missed this one.  I think you guys missed it too, which is odd since I would have thought that somebody would notice that there’s a Goosebumps blog out there.  You think I’m kidding?  I ain’t.  It’s called Blogger Beware and it has set about systematically dissect each and every book in the […]

Canada Day Posting

Fuse #8: Finally, you’re the assistant editor of the Flight series, which is an anthology of various comic artists. The volumes don’t contain any particular overriding theme or subject matter, so I’m clear on that much. You also have something called "Flight Explorer" coming out, though, so what’s the deal with that? Kean Soo: While […]

Canada Day Posting: Talking With Kean Soo

When you think of Canada you may conjure up images of lumberjacks, snow, maple syrup, snow, odd French accents, snow, and McDonalds meals that serve gravy on their fries.  When I think of Canada?  I think of monsters with sweet dispositions.  Yet that is EXACTLY what came to mind when I decided to interview my […]


Fusenews: The Most Modern Library in the World and the History of Oz

Fusenews: The Most Modern Library in the World, the History of Oz, and Something to Crash Your Server

This just in (ratta tat, ratta tat, ratta tatta tatta tat) from Michell Bayuk (Marketing Director of The Children’s Book Council), "The Children’s Book Week website and Children’s Choice Book Awards voting went live this morning. We want to maximize the number of kids participating."  By criminey, so they did!  Check out those nominees for […]

This is Why I Never Mention How Much I Want a Pony

My birthday isn’t until the end of April, but this week something particularly tasty came to my attention. I received a mysterious package in the mail. Note how it exudes mystery.  Exude exude. When I cracked it open I got a hint of what lay inside . . . But NOTHING could have prepared me […]

Mounties Galore!

Lest you forget, tomorrow marks the One Shot World Tour celebrating all things Canadian.  Various bloggers will be posting Canadian trifles so don’t you be a fool and miss it.  For my part, I will be examining a large monster.  And no, it isn’t bigfoot. Thanks to Little Willow for the image.