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A Fuse #8 Production
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Kidlit Book Night: Katie Davis Edition

I’m trying something new with this.  We all know what Kidlit Drink Nights are.  They are times when those with an interest in literature for youngsters come together to discuss changes in the field.  So what exactly is a Kidlit Book Night?  Well, it shares many of the same characteristics as a Kidlit Drink Night, […]

Review of the Day: The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind

The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind: An Aesop’s Fable Retold by Heather Forest Illustrated by Susan Gaber August House Little Folk $16.95 ISBN: 978-0-87483-832-0 Ages 4-8 On shelves now Of all the fables of all the world, sometimes I think that Aesop’s are the hardest to retell. Not that the moral lessons don’t […]

Fun Finds

As some of you may know, the Central Children’s Room of the Donnell Library (of the New York Public Library system) is slated to leave the Donnell soon due to the fact that the building was sold.  As such, we’ve been doing a bit of housekeeping around here.  Think you can accumulate an odd amount […]

Allow Me to Assure You . . .

. . . . that only a delightful Delta flight involving five hours in the sky, a delay of 3 hours, and zippo lunch or dinner would keep me from posting today. Mucho info in the coming week, but for what I feel like may be the first time ever, I have no info for […]

Flying Back

Thoughts: Life good.  Conference fun.   Blogging imminent.  Whoop!

Proposal: A New Literary Award

Every year the ALSC Media Book Awards seem to take just a smidgen longer than the last.  New awards crop up constantly, crowding the field, straining to make their presence heard.  This year we’ll see the advent of the new Odyssey Award for best audio recording of a book.  Frankly, I have no problem with […]

Review of the Day: Monster Blood Tattoo – Lamplighter

Lamplighter: Monster Blood Tattoo, Book Two D.M. Cornish G.P. Putnam’s Sons $19.99 ISBN: 978-0-39924639-5 Ages 12 and up May 1, 2008 You can like the first book in a new fantasy series. You can love a first book in a new fantasy series. You can compare that book to the works and worlds of J.R.R. […]


This is where I put on my Louella Parson’s hat and start dishing the dishable. So.  According to my reputable sources who shall remain nameless, there are two mighty fine, mighty interesting books on the horizon that you should keep your eyes peeled for. First of all, Bryan Collier will be working on an Obama […]

Review of the Day: Monster Blood Tattoo – The Foundling by D.M. Cornish

Monster Blood Tattoo – Book One: Foundling By D.M. Cornish G.P. Putnam’s Sons (Penguin imprint) $18.99 ISBN: 0-399-24638-X Ages 11 and up On shelves now By this point I think the nation’s readers of children’s fantasy novels have hit a kind of boredom plateau. You get a new fantasy on your desk and you have […]

On the Road Again

So as you may have heard, this week-end will consist primarily of me tearing out my hair in preparation for the three SCBWI speeches I’m giving in Seattle.  I have my Powerpoints.  I have my handouts.  I have my notes.  I have very little hair, but everyone’s telling me that the clumpy look is in […]

Fusenews: High Flying Adored

Every plant has its day.  Particularly when that "day" involves a little Mary Jay.  Yup, Kelly at Big A little a managed to score a link to a picture book entirely about that pernicious weed .  It’s called It’s Just a Plant , and The Flux Blog did a lovely pairing of this text alongside the […]

Me Hungry Book Signing

I’m not in NYC at the moment so I’ll have to miss this.  That doesn’t mean that you do, though!  Check out this cool booksigning, info via the incredibly talented Jeremy Tankard: "I’ve got confirmation on this so can finally share the details: I’ll be at Books of Wonder on Saturday April 26th from noon […]

Children’s and YA Lit Cafe: This Saturday!

A new Children’s/YA Literary Cafe for all of you in the New York area who are interested in attending this free and fabulous monthly program.  Here are the details via the delightful organizers, Rebecca and Sarah. This is our follow-up to the previous email, sent last week.  As we mentioned, we’re going to host a […]

Fusenews: You Fuse You Snooze

Pooh is no longer my co-worker, but that doesn’t keep me from opening today with this picture of Piglet  as he does himself some good (yours for a cool $500).  In my mind that’s not a psychiatrist next to him but E.H. Shepard. Thanks to Children’s Illustration for the link. Them thar Canadians know a […]

Shakespeare, Shirley Temple, Vladimir Nobokov, President James Buchanan

I made a foray over to the site Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age, which will present you with a funny mix of sad and funny if you plug in the number 30.  I happen to turn that number today and from the site I can see that I’ve a lot of […]