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Kidlit Book Night: Katie Davis Edition

I’m trying something new with this.  We all know what Kidlit Drink Nights are.  They are times when those with an interest in literature for youngsters come together to discuss changes in the field.  So what exactly is a Kidlit Book Night?  Well, it shares many of the same characteristics as a Kidlit Drink Night, but in this particular case the game plan is a bit different.  Instead of meandering without a purpose in a bar, we meet at a book release party and then go to meander without a purpose in a bar.  Much more fun.

I mentioned this Drink Night on April 16th, but thought I’d do so again today.  It’s happening this Thursday so come on down!  I just happen to live down the street, so join me.

What Book?: Announcing the book launch party for The Curse of Addy McMahon by Katie Davis.

Bank Street Bookstore at 112th and Broadway.

Thursday, May 1st from 5:00 – 7:00.   I myself work until 5:00, but I will be there as quickly as my stocky little legs can carry me.

And Then?:
Then at 7:00 we traipse on over to Le Monde where Katie has secured a space for drinking and talking about children’s literature.  It’s a Kidlit Drink Night with a special book tie-in.

And?: AND here is a book trailer for the title in question. 

. . . . and here’s the book proper:

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  1. Vix Shoes says:

    Hi Fuse, need info.

    From, the best shod woman in publishing.

  2. Query away then, oh woman of the dainty delicate shoes.

  3. Royce Buckingham, author says:

    Great to meet you and your man in Seattle! Tell him good luck with the screenwriting…turns out it’s hard, but we hang in.

    I did forget, like a dope, forget to sign the books I gave you in all the excitement.