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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Review of the Day: The House in the Night

The House in the Night By Susan Marie Swanson Illustrated by Beth Krommes Houghton Mifflin Company $17.00 ISBN: 978-0-618-86244-3 Ages 4-8 On shelves now Sometimes, just sometimes, you want to read a beautiful picture book. Not a pretty picture book or a mildly lovely one or a picture book that will please you the first […]

Fusenews: All the Fews That Fits in Your Schnooze

Hey!  I managed to finish all my e-mail during my lunch break yesterday so here’s some news! I’m pretty conflicted here.  This could be good, or incredibly bad.  Via Cynopsis Kids: The Jim Henson Company is teaming with iTheatrics to bring its holiday TV special Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas to the stage as a musical.  […]

Fusenews: Ja-positively!

Wanna see these folks for free?: * LYNDA BARRY * DAVID HAJDU * HOPE LARSON * * GARY PANTER * MO WILLEMS * ART SPIEGELMAN * I think the words you may be searching for are "Cor blimey".  Well, there is a FREE (such a lovely word) all-day symposium on the growing cultural significance of […]

Review of the Day: Brooklyn Bridge by Karen Hesse

Brooklyn Bridge By Karen Hesse Feiwel and Friends $16.95 ISBN: 978-0-312-37886-8 Ages 12 and up On shelves September 2nd.  Yeah, I know.  Sorry ’bout that.  I’ve been trying to be better about doing books too far in advance but . . . I’m just so gosh-darned excited about this one. Cause Karen Hesse is back, […]

Flap o’ the Jacket

I think I failed to mention this last week when the info was released.  Here then is the press release discussing JacketFlap and its use in terms of the Children’s Choice Book Awards: JacketFlap Book Widget Helps Children’s Choice Book Awards Reach Hundreds of Thousands of People LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 19, 2008 – To […]

Harper Collins Fall 2008 Librarian Preview

One day you’re in a Flatiron Building scarfing down brownies as fast as you can cram them in your mouth, the next day you’re with the good people of Harper Collins in an entirely different format. Yes, last Wednesday Harper Collins had their Spring 2008 Librarian Preview for books published Fall 2008.  This kind of […]

This Happens Every Year When the Summer Reading Club Prizes Arrive

We are the children’s librarians of New York City.  In our blood flows the heritage of Anne Carroll Moore.  We are the guardians of children’s literature.  We hold true to the great works, find new, and sustain the institution of the library as the center of culture and worth.  We . . . we . […]

Henry Holt Fall 2008 Librarian Preview

Unlike some publishing companies, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers is new to the Librarian Preview game.  So last Tuesday the employees got together, pooled their knowledge and resources, and delivered a new kind of preview for the good people of NYC. You can hold a librarian preview in your company’s building.  You can hold […]

Books I’ve Missed: Vol. 1 – Yellowbelly and Friends

All right.  Here’s the deal.  In a given year I read a lot of children’s books.  Whole swaths of the suckers, really.  And when it all comes down to it, I don’t have time to review them all.  I’d love to, but a person has to pick and choose and pluck out the best.  That’s […]

Visiting the Eric Carle Museum / Treading on the Caterpillar’s Turf

This past Thursday I was asked to speak at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Massachusetts.  Naturally I said "yes" and "thank you" and then "yes" a couple more times before they realized what they’d done and changed their minds.  This would provide me with just the excuse I had been […]

Fusenews: Whence the Dried Dribble o’ News?

If you were to take a trip to the Donnell Library today in the hopes of seeing the Central Children’s Room of New York Public Library, you would find yourself disappointed.  For you see, the room is closed . . .  (dramatic music builds) . . . . FOR-EV-AH . . . . until its […]

Video Sunday – Adaptations Old and New

People ask me sometimes what use a book trailer has. By and large, I don’t think we can know the impact of trailers and previews for books at this time. Many are very fancy dancy with bells, whistles, and doodads. Others are homemade but intriguing. Here’s one such example. Helen Hemphill’s novel The Adventures of […]

Fuse #8 Weekly Recap

Well, so much for my plans to have a nice leisurely week before Memorial Day.  Here’s what it looked like in retrospect: Sunday: Wiffleball in Prospect Park. Monday: Henry Holt Preview in the afternoon (recap pending). Kidlit Drink Night with Gregory K. in the eve. Tuesday: Harper Collins Preview in the morning (recap pending). Horrible […]

Review of the Day: Suddenly Supernatural

Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit By Elizabeth Cody Kimmel Little Brown and Company $15.99 ISBN: 978-0-3316-06683-9 Ages 8-12 On shelves June 1, 2008 So I’m on a plane ride from Seattle to New York and wouldn’t you know it but I don’t bring enough books to read. Under normal circumstances I have a problem with overstocking […]

Original Children’s Book Art for the Next . . . Um . . . Sixty Seconds

Like original children’s art?  Sure!  We all do.  Like auctions?  No?  Oh. Hm. Better skip this post then. It seems that clever bookstore Reading Reptile has an auction going and it ends sometime today.  Here’s the info as they sent it to me: People! The hour of reckoning is upon us – only two days […]