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Vampire Litblog Tour – Interview with Gabe Soria

It’s a little ironic that I agreed to do a piece for First Second’s Vampire Month during the same week of the Summer Books Blog Tour.  Today’s interview is not a part of that tour, but is very much in the same vein (and with that I hereby stop with the vampiric puns).  When Vampire […]

Summer Book Blog Tour Continues!

And don’t forget to visit these blogs for more authorial-type interviews: Varian Johnson at Finding Wonderland Jincy Willet at Shaken & Stirred John Grandits at Writing & Ruminating Meg Burden at bookshelves of doom Gary D. Schmidt at Miss Erin Javaka Steptoe at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast Mary Hooper at Interactive Reader Go! Read! […]

SBBT Interview: Dar Williams

For some of you the name Dar Williams will strike up very distinct memories.  On my part, it’s of listening to parts of her albums (The Honesty Room or Mortal City, most likely) on mix tapes in my 1989 Buick Century.  Others of you will know her for her fun middle grade children’s book Amalee […]

Kidlit Drink Night: Kicking Back Amherst Style. Awwwww, Yeah.

All right, Amherst.  Today I packed all my things, jumped in a rental car, and I’m driving to your doorstop (thanks for the directions, Jane!).  And sure, I like to see magnificent museums dedicated to children’s illustration, but what did I really come to do?  Party.  Party hearty.  So after you see me speak about […]

SBBT Interview: Ingrid Law

When you think of superhero stories, you often don’t think of pink Bible toting buses or evil talking smiley faces.  All that’s about to change.  From newcomer Ingrid Law comes Savvy, a Kansas/Nebraskan take on a family where every member gets his or her power at the onset of adolescence.  I enjoyed the book quite […]

SBBT Interview: Sean Qualls

With the plethora of talented young illustrators out there, few strike a fancy as readily as Sean Qualls.  From his picture books to the novels he illustrates, Qualls’ style is impossible to confuse with any other artist.  He also happens to be a heckuva nice guy and consented to my prying prods. Fuse #8: So […]

SBBT Interview: Adam Rex

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Yes, the Summer Book Blog Tour is once again making rounds throughout the sphere of kid litos.  You know what that means?  That means I friggin’ get to interview whoever I want and who did I want this time around?  Adam Rex, of course.  You remember Adam, […]

Little Brown and Company Fall/Winter 2008 Preview

I get so confused.  Is Little Brown & Co. now known as Hatchette or is that an entirely different entity altogether?  When it doubt, stick with what you know.  And what I know is that this past Tuesday LB&Co. had its seasonal librarian preview for some of those people out there lucky enough to have […]

Remember: Kidlit Drink Night Tonight!

Remember remember!  Tonight’s the night when the stars come out and talk about children’s books.  We’re having another Kidlit Drink Night, in part to celebrate the arrival of Gregory K. of the Gotta Book blog.  Come on down if you’ve a yen.  What: Kidlit Drink Night When: Monday, May 19th at 6:00 p.m. Where: Sweet […]

Video Sunday – I Once Got the High Score on Tetris in a Mall in Downtown Belfast. Not that You’d Want to Verify This.

I could begin this week’s post one of two ways.  Do I do the 80s kitch or the cool new movie trailer?  Like it’s even a question.  Ha! The other day a YA librarian emailed us this video and asked (not without a bit of tongue stuffed firmly within a bit of cheek) if we […]

The Eric Carle Museum and Me

If there is a mecca for children’s literature, a single place in the United States that can be cited as the pinacle of all things related to books for kids, maybe (just maybe) it’s the Eric Carle Museum.  Hear me out on this one.  It’s the only museum in the country named after a children’s […]

Fusenews: Are you people saying boo or boo-urns?

Who says there are too many awards out there?  The British Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen (anyone else wanna see if our National Ambassador of Children’s Literature can take down their Children’s Laureate?) has created an all new award for funny books: The Roald Dahl prize.  I’m enough of a fan of irony that I can […]

Fuse #8 Weekly Recap

New Feature!  At heart I’m a lazy woman who would rather attend things than speak about them.  This week, however, I had to deal with an embarrassment of riches.  So to encourage these people to keep on inviting me, I’m going to start doing little teeny tiny recaps of the events in question.  Besides, some […]

Caspian Vs. Caspian: Reviewing a Book and a Movie with One Hand Tied Behind My Back

   Vs. I had access to a special advance screening of the new Walden Media film Prince Caspian on Monday of this week.  It was very nice.  Free popcorn and pop (also called "soda" by the crazy people that live in this part of the country).  No commercials.  Audience members that gasp at all the […]

Review of the Day: Mermaids on Parade

Mermaids on Parade By Melanie Hope Greenberg G.P. Putnam’s Sons $16.99 ISBN: 978-0-399-24708-8 Ages 4-8 On shelves May 29, 2008 New York City has changed a lot in the past 30 years. Used to be a grittier, seedier town. Graffiti and wild parties. Love and violence. And when New York had a parade it was […]