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Video Sunday: Car Parts, Paper Towns, and an Author’s Lament

A couple book trailers to begin your day. It occurs to me that maybe pop-up books are better designed for the book trailer format than their stagnant cousins. I mean, they move already. Why not take them to their logical extreme? With that in mind, this here’s The Castaway Pirates.

Thanks to Cynsations for the link!

Now the thing about this particular book trailer for Barbara O’Connor’s Greetings from Nowhere is that on the one hand it feels rather mature for a children’s book, and on the other hand it succeeds in making me want to read it. For the kid who digs this music and these photographs, this will successfully sell the story to them. So maybe I can say of it that it’s one of the more honest trailers I’ve seen.

Thanks to Oz and Ends for the link.

Recently John Green created a rather genius bit of video amusement for his upcoming novel Paper Towns. It’s for Amazon, so I’m afraid you’ll have to stop by Omnivoracious. If I’m not too mistaken it’s their . . . their blog. Hm.  Dunno how I feel about that.  Omnivoracious also apparently shows videos on Friday and this next one has been making the rounds all week. If you do not feel for this guy the minute he says, "You know what? I’m just going to write a hit song and put it up on Guitar Hero IV," then you have no soul.

Thanks to YPulse for the link.

Dr. Seuss + commercials = oddly dull commercials.  Hm. Wouldn’t have thought that was possible.

Genuine Ford Parts & Service

Uploaded by DwightFrye

Thanks to Children’s Illustration for the link!

And finally, any excuse to link to Stephen Colbert is a-okay with me. This week Stephen tackled the issue of that plastic surgery children’s book My Beautiful Mommy and then came out with his own version of the book. It’s near the end of this clip, so enjoy.

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  1. Gotta love Stephen Colbert!