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Fusenews: News and in Search of News

Are you a midwestern library housed underwater in need of some new materials?  Know of one?  Heard of one?  Well a simply lovely author/illustrator emailed me the other day and wondered if I could keep an ear out regarding any libraries that need book donations/money.  So that is what I am doing.  My ears are […]

Are You Getting Excited About ALA?

Well you should! The ALSC blog is offering conference advice for newbies.  There are tons of swell tips to be found there but one that particularly caught my eye was, "Wear your badge at all meetings and events, but take it off when you go out into the street."  Amen. For that matter, they’re getting everyone […]

Chatting It Up with Jill Santoplo

Mystery and stolen gold.  Harper Collins editor Jill Santopolo has recently released her very first children’s book Alec Flint: Super Sleuth, a tale of one boy detective and his quest to discover the location of a missing Christopher Columbus exhibit.  Called "a solid middle-grade series in the tradition of Encyclopedia Brown," by none other than […]


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Video Sunday: Bird, Beck, and Book Tours

I was sent Nick of Time by Ted Bell to look at. Sure I was. A lot of people were. And while it didn’t interest me particularly I bore it no ill will. Recently its author went on Glenn Beck’s show, which allowed the two of them to do what non-readers of age ranges beyond […]

Fusenews: LOST Babies They Make Their Dreams Come True (To the Horror of All)

Great idea?  Or greatest idea known to man? You be the judge. From the Powell’s Blog and in the style of Muppet Babies: However, as much as any book can be considered a sure thing, 39% of our respondents wholeheartedly believe that Lost Babies: The Early Years by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will be […]

In Memory: Tasha Tudor

Oh. This is very sad. What’s more, it should be bigger news. Tasha Tudor died on Wednesday, June 18th. Her family has created a memorial website in her honor.  I grew up reading A Time to Keep, a book that I remember as being my favorite picture book.  I couldn’t get over how delicious Tudor’s […]

Fusenews: Parties and Paperbacks

Name Monica’s dog.  Do it.  Fine Lines tries its hand at Judy Blume’s infamous Deenie.  Masturbation and scoliosis, together at last.  I’ve seen Ms. Blume speak about this book and the responses she got to it.  My favorite story involved her encounter with a young girl.  Remember that in the book Deenie touches her "special […]

I Can Understand a Cat Without a Strip, but a Strip Without a Cat?

Today is the birthday of Garfield, as I am sure you all know.  I didn’t report on Garfield Minus Garfield, a site that is quite possibly the world’s greatest invention, when it was in the news a couple of months ago.  Now that everybody’s forgotten about it, here I am to remind you that it’s […]

Help Out a Fellow School Librarian

I couldn’t help but notice that this blog appears to be on a website for something called "School Library Journal".  Hm!  So when I got a recent email from a brand new Library Aide, it occurred to me that perhaps there are school librarians that read me.  More importantly, perhaps there are school librarians who […]

Fusenews: Kith and Kin

The 2008 Boston Globe-Horn Book winners have been announced.  I have an inordinate fondness for this list, as it often rights the wrongs of other awards (and sometimes gives a hint of future winners).  This year is particularly satisfying. The Arrival , Fred Stays With Me, and Sherman Alexie all get their due.  I was […]

Penguin Young Readers Group Fall 2008 Librarian Preview

If they were nervous, they didn’t show it.  Here it was, the day of their debut, and not a droplet of sweat graced their brows or marred the perfect surface of their faces.  They were cool.  They were collected.  It was Tuesday, June 10th at the Penguin Group’s very first librarian preview and they were […]

2009 Newbery and Caldecott Predictions – Halfway Mark

All right!  Half the year over and it’s time for a new assessing.  More books have come out.  We haven’t seen the glut of fall titles, but already things are beginning to slot into their respective categories.  Let’s see how things have changed since the last time I looked at the books out there and, […]

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great by Gerald Morris

The Knights’ Tales: The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great By Gerald Morris Illustrated by Aaron Renier Houghton Mifflin Company $15.00 ISBN: 978-0-618-77714-3 Ages 6-11 On shelves now I wonder just how long Gerald Morris can continue to fly under the radar? By all rights the man should be as well-known and rich as Brian […]