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Fusenews: Punch and Disney

When I get excited I tend to just whoop.  Whoop Whoop Tomi Ungererer article in the New York Times Whoop Whoop Phaidon will be republishing his books here in America Whoop Whoop the film rights to The Three Robbers was bought by the Weinstein Company Whoop? Whoop erotic satire Whoop Whoop if you want to include a gun in a picture book just call it a blunderbuss Whoop Whoop you have to read this piece.  It’s the best thing I’ve seen in days.  Thanks to Educating Alice for the link.  Whoop. 

If you haven’t been reading author Sarah Miller’s series of Disney vs. original source material, now might be the time to start.  She begins with Disney vs. Salten and gives Bambi and long hard look.  Then she follows it up with Disney vs. Grahame, taking time to consider The Reluctant Dragon and The Wind in the Willows

  • They say the Sandman graphic novel series is one of the rare comic book series read as much by men as by women.  It’s not children’s fare, but I’m a fan and figured y’all might want to see the poster created for the 20th anniversary:

Thanks to Neil Gaiman for the link.

  • Speaking of Mr. Gaiman, youse New Yorkers who want to see him would do well to mark November 9th down on your calendars.  On that day he’ll be speaking with Chip Kidd at the 92nd Street Y in conjuction with the 20th anniversary of Sandman.  He’ll also sign his books.  Bonus.  It costs $27.00 though so determine how deep your love is now.

  • A top notch tribute to author and remarkably funny woman (funny ha-ha, that is) Paula Danziger is up and running at Collecting Children’s Books .  Things I learned included the fact that Ms. Danziger had the ability to write backwards and that she wrote and paid for her own wry obituary in advance.  Go to Peter’s site to see what it said.

  • Liz says that this article in Newsweek about Anne of Green Gables made her scream.  I think that’s a little extreme.  When I read such sentences as "It’s rare to find a best seller with a strong heroine anymore," all I did was repeatedly pound my forehead into a wall until the sweet bliss of unconsciousness drove the words from my mind.  And I was extra super duper happy to see that Bella from Twilight is now considered the norm when it comes to contemporary "strong" female characters.  *shudder*  Thanks to Tea Cozy for the link.

  • People I like: I like editor Jennifer Hunt at Little, Brown.  Heck, I liked her even before she had two authors nominated for the National Book Award last year.  Publishers Weekly appears to like her too .  Thanks to Cynsations for the link.

  • Daily Image:

Be honest.  Do you really want me to explain it?  Fine.  Here’s the site that clarifies everything. Thanks to Neil Gaiman for the link.

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  1. What? A remake of the Three Robbers movie?

  2. Matt Holm says:

    Re: Anne of Green Gables–

    By the way, to all, my sister, Jenni, was just on the Diane Rehm Show last week to talk about Anne of Green Gables. Look on her 07/23/2008 page for the audio from that segment. (I’d post a link, but SLJ won’t let me…)

  3. Fuse #8 says:

    Aw. You can do a link if you take out the h-t-t-p part. That’s what triggers the comment feature’s madness. Failing that, I’ll post a link tomorrow myself.

  4. Matt Holm says:

    Ah! Here you go, then:

  5. Sarah Miller says:

    Thanks for the link-love!