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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Video Sunday: I Only Have Eyes for Times New Roman

This week, the number one video making the rounds was this one: The Conference of the Fonts.  I never liked Ransom anyway. Thanks to Jane Yolen and ShelfTalker for the link. That may have been the number one video making the rounds, but the video that has my heart is this one.  You want to […]

Kidlit Karaoke Night Reminder

Just a quick reminder.  Tonight is the Kidlit Karaoke Night here in New York.  In case you are interested, here is the info: What:  The first ever Karaoke Kidlit Night When: Saturday, August 30th, 9:00 p.m. Where: Old Carriage Inn, 312 7th Ave (between 4th & 5th St.).  Nearest train is the 7th Ave (F).

Fusenews: In Brief

I owe eternal gratitude to Shelf Elf for bringing to my attention the blog Bookshelf.  All it consists of are pictures of hip and out-of-the-ordinary bookshelves.  Sheer heaven.  To the left here is one they call The Incubator.  Awesome. Recently I found myself in charge of the periodicals at the Central Children’s Room.  This is […]

Found In the Library: Stephen Gammell

No wonder they chose this guy to illustrate Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.  Stephen Gammell, you are the best.  This is probably one of THE most frightening covers I’ve seen in a long time and I only just now stumbled upon it.  I am getting zero sleep tonight, I can already tell.

Review of the Day: The Rope by Joe Kulka

The Rope By Joe Kulka Pelican Publishing Company $15.95 ISBN: 978-1589804876 Ages 4-8 On shelves in September Ah. The old things-falling-out-of-the-sky storyline. It’s just such a great trope. I ascribe much of the success of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs not just to the notion of gigantic food covering homes but also to the […]

Fusenews: Readers Who Enjoy A Fuse #8 Production May Also Like the "Who Is Britney Spears?" Blog

Peter makes me feel like I’m lying down on the job.  Now he brings us news that I’ve never seen reported anywhere else and it involves Beverly Cleary.  Better still, he makes it funny.  Intrigued?  Check out the post Leave It To Beverly for more. To a daily blogger like myself such instructions as these […]

Karen Hesse Interview – Exclusive Video Link

It’s not Video Sunday, but I sometimes make exceptions.  I reviewed the new Karen Hesse title Brooklyn Bridge a couple months ago because I am a fan and I felt the novel was particularly strong.  Feiwel and Friends who produced the book liked the review and said that if I wanted they would provide me […]

Fusenews: Skimming Off the Cream

They’re right when they say there’s no equivalent out there of this.  For Better or For Worse creator Lynn Johnston will finish creating new storylines for the comic strip.  No big surprise.  She’s been doing it for 29 years and all.  No, the amazing this is that she’s going back and re-illustrating the old strips […]

Most Shameful Non-Reads

What are the most shameful gaps in your children’s literary knowledge?  I’m talking about the books that everyone has read except for you.  I feel like there should be a grading system for this kind of thing.  The more impossible it is to avoid the book, the higher the score.  Thinking along those lines I’d […]

Review of the Day: Snake and Lizard by Joy Cowley

Snake and Lizard By Joy Cowley Illustrated by Gavin Bishop Kane/Miller $14.95 ISBN: 978-1-933605-83-8 Ages 6-10 On shelves now I appreciate children’s books that acknowledge the bloodthirsty nature of the wild. Oh now look what I’ve gone and done. With one little sentence I’ve given you the impression that the book I’m about to discuss […]

Fusenews: The Shape of Sushi

Alert alert alert!  There’s a new Elephant and Piggie book coming out soon.  Check out Mo’s blog for the cover, running free and wild in its natural environment. And he has another post up about a very different picture book coming out this January.  The cover is a bit of a problem since I looked […]

Future Specs

Sometimes when there’s not a whole lot happening at the library I look at covers like this one and speculate.  I think about trends, and how what’s seriously uncool one decade will suddenly be the height of fashion the next.  I think about the 1980s (and, let’s face it, the early 90s) and how big […]

Fusenews: I Mean, Wouldn’t the Witch Duck Just Melt Immediately on Contact with Water?

Cybil sibilance is nigh.  The call has gone out to fill the children’s and YA panelists and judges are needed.  The Cybils, in case you hadn’t heard, are the awards given out by the Kidlitosphere community to their picks of the best books of the year.  A mix of official awards and the Quills, essentially.  […]

Review of the Day: Knucklehead by Jon Scieszka

Knucklehead: Tall Tales and Mostly True Stories About Growing Up Scieszka By Jon Scieszka Viking (a Penguin imprint) $12.99 ISBN: 978-0670011384 Ages 9-12 On shelves now To adults that don’t normally wander through the shelves of children’s literature the notion of the autobiography for kids is a pretty odd beast. You write a book about […]

Kidlit Karaoke Night

You know how those karaoke books full of songs you can pick songs from always contain a weird section full of "Children’s Songs"?  Yeah.  We’re not doing that.  What we are doing is meeting up at the nicest karaoke bar in New York City.  Which is to say, Brooklyn. What does this have to do […]