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Fusenews: Because Clearly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Was Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Hey, scooby doobies, I just heard that Jone, one of the organizers of the upcoming Kidlitosphere Conference in Portland, Oregon, has received only 15 registrations.  If you have not yet sent in your registration then get a move on, little doggies.  You can find the form here.  I know you may all be on vacation soaking in the sunny rays of an tropical isle, but the sooner these registrations get in the happier the organizers will be.  Skedaddle!

  • At the last Kidlit Drink Night I spent some of my time attempting to convince an agent that she should really really represent New York comedian (and classmate of YA author Jenny Han) Sarah Schaefer.  Sarah Schaefer is the funniest female living in NYC today (personal opinion) and recently she got a sweet gig working for the online component of VH1’s Best Week Ever show.  Fair enough.  Considering my love of this woman (I highly recommend that you watch this, these, and this to get a feel for her) and my overwhelming desire to get her to write a YA novel at some point (much of her show relies on footage and memories from her youth) I was unaware until recently that she had written 7 Children’s Tales That Johnny Depp & Tim Burton Should Remake on the VH1 site.  She even mentions The Brave Little Toaster, for crying out loud.  Thanks to Tea Cozy for the link.

  • The group of authors and illustrators known in these here parts as PEN has begun a little series that they are calling PENPals.  Tee hee.  The idea is simple.  Two authors email one another and we get to listen in on their conversation like the prying petes we are.  First up is a conversation between Marcus Zusak (author of The Book Thief) and Susan Campbell Bartoletti (of the Newbery Honor winning Hitler Youth fame). You can read the first part here .

  • Gwenda Bond of the blog Shaken and Stirred spoke on NPR’s Weekend Edition about everyone’s favorite Canadian redhead.  Before speaking on NPR Gwenda had asked some bloggers if there was anything controversial about Anne that she should know about.  It’s kind of amazing how controversy-free that book series is, though.  Still, I’m sure some enterprising book banner could come up with something if they tried.  Ummmm…. nope.  I’m pulling up a blank on this one.  I do like that on her blog Gwenda lured new readers in further by suggesting that they read a recent Anne-ish book of her choosing.  The book?  A Drowned Maiden’s Hair.  Gwenda, you have exquisite taste.  Fabulous choice.  Thanks to Educating Alice for the link.

  • Daily Image:

Nothing brightens a day faster than a website that has systematically collected a whole plethora of pictures of mini cars.

Looks like a picture book, it does.  Thanks to the aforementioned Shaken & Stirred for the link.

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  1. Matt Holm says:

    re: Kidlitosphere Conference: Let it be known to slacker signers-up that I’m supplying one of the door prizes.

  2. ROCCO STAINO says:

    When is the next KidLit Drink nite in NYC scheduled? I wanna put it on my calendar!

  3. Hm. Good question, Rocco. I’ll have to talk to Cheryl about it. Maybe we’ll go nuts and have a Kidlit Karaoke Night. The ladies of Penguin were suggesting it and made an awfully persuasive case.

  4. karaoke! karaoke! yes! yes! yes!

  5. LAURA LUTZ says:

    No, no, no. Who’s going to be up there singing? Yep, always the Queens folks making goofs of themselves. And you’ll pull out that damn camera of yours.

  6. Qui? Moi? Not in the case of karaoke. That is a sacred trust, and the place I know is the best in New York. I kid you not. You’re just gonna have to trust me on this one.