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Video Sunday: I Only Have Eyes for Times New Roman

This week, the number one video making the rounds was this one: The Conference of the Fonts.  I never liked Ransom anyway.

Thanks to Jane Yolen and ShelfTalker for the link.

That may have been the number one video making the rounds, but the video that has my heart is this one.  You want to make a book trailer?  Fine.  Then put some effort into it.  This young man most certainly did.  He already wowed us with his Hulk at the Tropicana  ("Where you from?  Yuma?  You got good soldiers there") and he floored us with The True Meaning of Smekday.  Here then is the first poem in Frankenstein Takes the Cake starring the author/illustrator himself.

I will now wait patiently for the inevitable video that features both Frankenstein and J. Lo the Boov.  Now, please.  And for the record I saw this video first on that amazing piece Jules and Kelly did for Guys Lit Wire.  If you haven’t see or read it yet then you, my friends, are missing out.

It makes me happy to think that British commentator on The Daily Show’s John Oliver is my age because this means, via my twisted logic, that I’ll be able to enjoy watching his comedy for the next 40+ years.  In this particular video John discusses the literature of the apocalypse.  I know that we’ve been seeing a lovely plethora of post-apocalyptic children’s and YA literature this year, and in my daily dives into the Central Children’s Room’s circulating fiction collection I’ve seeing plenty of great 70s and 80s stuff as well.  This video is a plug for the book Apocalypse How: Turn the Ends Times Into the Best Times!  Tongues in cheek (misspelling intentional).

Thanks to Maud Newton for the link.

Did you guys happen to see that pop-up version of Moby Dick that came out a year or two ago by graphic designer Sam Ita?  We got a copy for my mother-in-law (who collects Moby Dick related stuff) and then set about almost destroying it in our attempts to figure out how the telescope part worked.  Well, Mr. Ita has now set his sights upon a new pop-up creation.  This time it’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  In this video you can watch his process (though you may need to turn down the volume a tad).  I think it’s worth seeing for the automatic paper cutter alone.

Just amazing.  Thanks to Galleycat for the link.

And as per usual, I like to end with videos that make me happy. Got this one off of Meghan McCarthy over at Blue Rose Girls. Damn cheery stuff, it is.

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  1. janeyolen says:

    Feeling like chopped liver here. I sent you the font conference video link weeks ago and you said you would run it!


    Will need much reassurances of affection. (Can you tell it’s a bad start to the morning, after no hot water in the shower?)


  2. Aw shoot. You did? I did? Consarn it. Can I assure you that I’m a klutzy klutz and loose things with a propensity that defies logic, skill, or reason? Mea culpa. Tell you what…. let me change the l’il ole credit there. We good?

  3. janeyolen says:

    We fine. I was being a proactive, protective, and defective idiot wanting my moment in the sun.