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Video Sunday: Coraline, Critiques, and Meese

I like this.  Apparently there’s a writer out there named Jackson Pearce who does weblogs containing useful writing advice.  This one was discovered by Cheryl Rainfield and involves critiquing manuscripts. When I grow up, I wanna have a name as cool as "Jackson Pearce". I’d post this here but I can’t find a high enough […]

Review of the Day: Bump in the Night by Edward Hemingway

Bump in the Night By Edward Hemingway G.P. Putnam’s Sons (a Penguin imprint) $15.99 ISBN: 978-0-39-24761-3 Ages 4-8 On shelves now I’m awful proud of humanity for coming up with the idea of the monster. And what a wonderfully convenient metaphor it is too! The monster as a symbolic hodgepodge of all our fears and […]

Fusenews: Sunfire on My Bookshelves Makes Me Happy

I mentioned the other day that of all the interviews I’ve conducted the one I consistently get the most feedback from was when I interviewed Kirsten Miller, author of the Kiki Strike books.  It struck me as a little odd that tween girls were locating me and, through me, Kirsten but I didn’t think much […]

Cool Stuff I Have Found

I spend my days pawing through books, books, books, discovering titles I missed along the way.  Titles that if I knew about them I might find very useful indeed while on the reference desk.  Reference Desk work is such a crap shoot that way.  You prepare yourself in a variety of different subjects, learning as […]

Review of the Day: Trick of the Tale by John and Caitlin Matthews

Trick of the Tale: A Collection of Trickster Tales By John & Caitlin Matthews Illustrated by Tomislav Tomic Candlewick $18.99 ISBN: 978-0-7636-3646-3 On shelves now I think that there might be a point at which a children’s book becomes so physically lovely that its beauty becomes a kind of liability. Some parents are already afraid […]

Fusenews: We Daren’t Go A-Hunting, For Fear of Little Men

This is how much of a children’s librarian I am.  When I saw that Cynsations called Through the Tollbooth a "must-read, craft oriented blog for writers," do you know I thought that meant?  I thought it would be a blog for writers about how to do different crafts with kids.  I’m not sure how I […]

We’re Not Kidding. It Ate Three Puppies Last June.

Fusenews: And Wherefores

Oh, dear sweet new blog where have you been all my life?  It finally happened.  Someone has gone and made (I am so excited!!!) a blog dedicated ENTIRELY to children’s and YA book jackets!!!  Called Jacket Whys I’m terribly embarrassed to see that it was started way way back in December of 2007.  I only […]

Review of the Day: The Cabinet of Wonders by Marie Rutkoski


The Cabinet of Wonders (The Kronos Chronicles: Book 1) By Marie Rutkoski Farrar, Straus and Giroux $16.95 ISBN: 978-0-374-31026-4 Ages 10 and up On shelves now It seems to me that today’s average everyday fantasy author for kids has to walk a delicate line. You want to create an alternative history novel laden with magical […]

Fusenews: It Isn’t Just One of Your Holiday Games

I am such a child.  When I find a bunch of great links do I carefully dole them out so that I’ll have plenty to use for the rest of the week?  Do I prepare like the safe and steady little ant that I am?  No, I lop them all together in a great big […]

Ten Children’s Novels That Would Make Good Movies

Recently Maud Newton had a piece up on the IFC website called List: Ten Novels and Short Stories That Would Make Good Movies.  A good list.  Gives a woman ideas, it does.  I’ve done this kind of thing before but it’s out of date.  After some tinkering here is my own list of Ten Children’s […]

Chat with the Wimpy Kid Man Today

Just in case you’re interested, Jeff Kinney author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid will be doing a live chat at at 3:00 (Eastern Standard Time) p.m. today.  Just so’s you know.

Why I Don’t Link My Posts to

Cause Amazon doesn’t need the help. I mean, it’s a personal choice we all wrestle with, yes?  If you’re a children’s literary blogger it’s the simplest thing in the world to link a book to its Amazon page without thinking twice about it.  Amazon is big and convenient.  The titles you talk about are always there.  […]

Review of the Day: Katie Loves the Kittens by John Himmelman

Katie Loves the Kittens By John Himmelman Henry Holt and Company $16.95 ISBN: 978-0-8050-8682-9 Ages 4-8 September 16, 2008 The secret to author popularity lies in building a faithful fan base. If you’ve written/illustrated something particularly good in the past then odds are that if you continue to create high-quality books you will garner a […]

Fusenews: Amuck Amuck Amuck!

Walter Minkel has a piece up on his blog The Monkey Speaks that ties in a recent New York Times article about latchkey kids with the unaccompanied children we children’s librarians see so often in our rooms.  It is interesting how many parents see libraries as "safe" places and the librarians as kind of de […]