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The 2nd Annual Kidlitosphere Blogger Conference (a.k.a. a conference of children’s literary bloggers and the round-up is here) did very well in the old boys vs. girls department.  Girls appeared far more often than boys, sure, but boys were in abundance just the same.  One such boy was Mark, 50% of the team that is Just One More Book, the greatest children’s literary podcast in the English language.  I was shocked to find that many of you out there have still not gotten around to actually hearing Just One More Book, so here’s your chance.  Their most recently posted interview is with none other than Mr. Paul O. Zelinsky, artist/illustrator/heckuva nice fella.  He’s also doing double duty over at 7-Imp as well, so treat your ears with Mark and Andrea and your eyes with Jules and Eisha.

  • We’re all familiar with the seasonal and holiday picture books that crop up a month or two ahead of the anticipated date.  Chronicle Books takes it a small step further by also introducing holiday websites to accompany such books.  For example, they’ve taken Siobhan Vivian’s Vunce Upon a Time and have created a series of printable/downloadable PDFs of things like Vampire Jack-o-Lantern Patterns and Turn Into a Vampire in 6 Easy Steps!  That’s using the old noggin.  Advertises the book and doesn’t cost them a red cent.

  • Speaking of holidays, how’s your holiday section looking these days?  Got enough Christmas books, I see.  Plenty of Valentine’s Day.  Loads of Kwanzaa.  And how’s your Eid section?  I’m sorry?  You don’t have an Eid section?  You don’t have any Eid books at all?  Well, dude, this is your lucky day cause Sandhya Nankani has apparently done all your homework for you.  Over at Literary Safari she’s written the piece 3 Picture Books for the 3 Days of Eid.  Those of you unfamiliar with what Eid even is might benefit from a peep.

  • I haven’t linked to one of Gotta Book’s Oddaptations in a while.  For those of you unfamiliar with them, these are small humorous poems often based on picture books and penned by Mr. Gregory K.  Some past examples include The Giving Tree or Rainbow Fish.  This week Where’s Waldo gets the oddaptation treatment.  Those of you who saw Greg speak at the Kidlitosphere Conference and want to get a taste of his stuff, here’s your chance.

  • New blogs are popping up all over SLJ like they’re going outta style.  First I had to deal with the fact that my love of awards will be eclipsed by the wonderfulness of the site Heavy Medal: A Mock Newbery Blog.  And now my love of comics is to go the same way all thanks to the site Good Comics for Kids, which started just yesterday. And look at the cute little comic icon!  I want a comic icon!

  • Daily Image:

Today’s a good day to stay on-topic.  Make note of the cute alphabet bags then:

Thanks, of course, to BB-Blog for the link.

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  1. Gregory K. says:

    Is there a better children’s literary podcast in any other language, I wonder?

    Thanks for the linkage, and great, as always, seeing you!

  2. Wondered that myself and couldn’t quite figure out who to ask. For all we know there’s a Ukranian children’s literary podcast out there that blows away the competition. >grin<