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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

See Trend. See Trend Go. Go Trend Go.

I attended a librarian bachelorette party this past Saturday which was exceedingly fun.  As we walked from one point of entertainment to another in the heart of Soho (or was it Chelsea?) we passed an Anthropologie.  Anthropologie normally does not interest me, but note this bizarre display that was in the window: If I am […]

Review of the Day: The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwicks on Gardam Street By Jeanne Birdsall Alfred A. Knopf (a division of Random House) $15.99 ISBN: 978-0-375-84090-6 Ages 7-13 On shelves now I can’t exactly remember what it was that kept me from reading The Penderwicks of Gardam Street the minute it came out on bookstore and library shelves. As a children’s librarian […]

Video Sunday: Minus Shoes

It was a slow week for videos (read: I didn’t have time to look for videos this week) so what I’m offering today is going to be a little more random than usual. First off, I was delighted to find that there is new online show called Cartoon Brew TV. Their first episode just aired […]

Mem Fox & Helen Oxenbury – One Time NYC Showing!

If you know me then you know that I am cheap. I don’t dole out the cash for every two-penny Tom, Dick, and Harry to come to town. New York is the center of all things free and it takes something extra special to get my attention and my interest. But when Lisa Von Drasek […]

The Little Red Lighthouse Festival

Here’s another option, if you’re in the New York area and you want to do something cool. The Little Red Lighthouse Festival (which ties in beautifully with that classic picture book The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge) is happening today. Here’s the info: JOIN US FOR A DAY OF FAMILY FUN! September […]

Fusenews: But What Would Waldo Twittr You About? "No, I’m not there." "Not there either."

The panelists are rapidly being announced over at that thar Cybils blog.  If you signed up for a committee and want to know if you made it, check ’em out daily. A New Yorker’s usual route onto or off of the subway requires dodging those folks hired to hand out copies of the city’s various […]

Review of the Day: Amandina by Sergio Ruzzier


Amandina By Sergio Ruzzier Roaring Brook Press $16.95 ISBN: 978-1596432369 Ages 4-8 On shelves now There is a very specific feeling you get from a picture book when the combination of text and image is pitch perfect. It’s a very hard thing to get, mind you. You might have a book where the words are […]

Fusenews: Collecting old match boxes?

I would call talented Eoin Colfer many things, but the next Douglas Adams?  Seems to be the title he’ll have put upon him after writing a new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book.  Oh, you didn’t hear about that?  Well, as the L.A. Times reports: "In a recording on his website, Colfer says: This is […]

Reporting: Simon and Schuster Fall 2008 Librarian Preview

Simon & Schuster does things differently.  The librarian preview, as it currently exists in New York, is typically a time when a publisher can advertise their upcoming list to a captive audience of local librarians.  People from nearby systems are invited, fed, and given free goodies and ARCs.  Some publishers tote their upcoming Spring 2009 […]

Review of the Day: Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Found (The Missing: Book One) By Margaret Peterson Haddix Simon & Schuster $15.99 ISBN: 978-1416954170 Ages 8-14 On shelves now I’m a children’s librarian so I get to see a lot of children’s books pass through my hallowed public library doors. Lots. But a person can’t see everything so once in a while I like […]

The Possibilities of a Variety of Saints

This Saturday I attended a book release party for The Possibilities of Sainthood by Donna Freitas.  Yes yes, the book is YA, but how could I resist an invitation that asked me to, "Make up your own saint specialty and come dressed for the part"? Fair enough.  So how do you go about creating a […]

Obituary: Coleen Salley

I received word via the CCBC-net listserv that author Coleen Salley passed away on Tuesday at 12:45 p.m.  As of this writing I believe that it is too soon for the formal obituaries to go up, but she was (by all accounts) an amazing woman.  I believe I saw her speak at a William Joyce […]

Fusenews: Muskrat riot. Put a comb through your coal black hair.

I had a lovely Kidlit Drink Night last night, and I thought about doing two reviews in two days in a row, just because it would make it easier on me in terms of posting.  But no!  So while it is short, here is some Fusenews to brighten up your day instead. Gwenda Bond is […]

Fusenews: Les Papillons

They made an Island of the Blue Dolphins movie?  Peter says so.  He also found several reviews of it, including one that said of the film, "“Everyone involved has a good chance of being the anti-Christ.”  Wow.  Way to punch up the review there!  I could take some tips from that reviewer.  Oh, you just […]

Review of the Day – Off to War: Voices of Soldiers’ Children by Deborah Ellis

Off to War: Voices of Soldiers’ Children By Deborah Ellis Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press $15.95 ISBN: 978-0-88899-894-1 Ages 10 and up On shelves now It probably happens less in New York than in other parts of the country, but as a children’s librarian I occasionally get a request for children’s books discussing the war […]