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Fusenews: Fun With Expensive Origami

  • America, your national nightmare is at last over.  I know how many of you have spent sleepless nights waiting, waiting, waiting for a CGI Yogi Bear Live-Action/CG Film to come out.  Now you will finally be able to rest secure in the knowledge that . . . I’m sorry.  I couldn’t finish that thought.  My entire body is shutting down over this news.  Excuse me while I go and curl up into a small ball to die.

  • There’s a new author blog on the horizon and it’s by one of my favorite writers.  N.D. Wilson (Leepike Ridge, 100 Cupboards, etc.) has just begun his NDW blog.  It includes thoughtful posts on New Zealand fans and having to deal with not liking your peers’ writing.  Awesome.  Blog to watch.

  • By the way, this is your regular reminder to read Golden Age Comic Book Stories every day.  Not because of the comics (which are grand) but because the creator puts up regular scans of children’s illustrations whenever the fancy hits.  Recent examples include this selection of Dorothy Lathrop prints and some views of the too little known N.C. Wyeth illustrated The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come.  Oh, and the comics are pretty swell too.  Mr. Door Tree, will you marry me?

This is pretty justifiably cool.  According to this press release from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, "Five museums and five libraries [will get] the 2008 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor, at a White House ceremony on October 7." One of the recipients?  That kooky crazy Kansas City library we all wished we worked in.  – Thanks to American Libraries Direct for the link.

Former NYPL staffer (how come all the bloggers out there are former NYPL staff members?) Kiera Parrott displays for us the (Reluctant) Reader’s Bill of Rights.

  • Guardian blogger Ned Beauman offers his take on why the Minx line of graphic novels ultimately failed.  He doesn’t much care for The Plain Janes, which is too bad since I was fond of those books.  He also doesn’t mention one of the reasons I sported for viewing the line with skepticism.  So many of the books’ creators were men.  You make a whole line of graphic novels for gals and then only slip in a female author or illustrator once in a while on the side?  Didn’t make a whole heckuva lot of sense to me at the time.  I think they would have gotten better at including female creators as they went, but now they’ll never have a chance.  Oy.  Thanks to YPulse for the link.

  • Daily Image:

I wish I could give proper credit where credit is due, but these images were forwarded on to me and I haven’t a clue what the original source was.  I was sent a bunch of them, but here are the three I found particularly choice:

Thanks to Jutta for the pics.

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  1. The news about Yogi Bear is, indeed, disturbing. Is nothing sacred anymore?

  2. Dan Santat says:

    Wow! That first origami piece looks like Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda! (Pushing my nerd glasses to the top of the bridge of my nose)

  3. Shelf Elf says:

    Hey Fuse! I just wanted to send you a little note to say thanks for the nomination in MG Fiction at Cybils, and to let you know that the title you chose (Waiting for Normal) had already been nominated by someone. No problem at all if you don’t want to nominate something different, but if you do, feel free to make another choice and drop it off at the Cybils blog.

    Bye for now!

  4. Many thanks! This year I somehow managed to COMPLETELY miss the little “Next” link at the end of each Cybils page. *sigh* This from the blogger with the “Read More” posts. I’ll try to renominate soon. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. SLJ thinks that me mentioning folding money like Origami is “bad language or swear words.” In-ter-esting. All I said in my message was that there used to be a popular book in our library all about folding money. And that many people liked to do this for gifts — like a bunch of flowers made out of dollar bills. -wendieO Ah, this time I noticed that it says SLJ does not accept HTML (my blogsite address) despite the fact that above this box it talks about including HTML formatting in my message. weird.

  6. It doesn’t like the (and I have to space this out) “h-t-t-p” part of a web address. I’ve found that if you leave that part out and go straight to the www then you’re in the clear. Odd, no?

  7. a. fortis says:

    Cool origami! I must say that I am very, very afraid about the CGI Yogi Bear. Very.

    It was great meeting you at the conference–wish we’d gotten more of a chance to talk!