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Video Sunday: Portrait of a Skeleton as a Young . . . Skeleton

Who Is Señor Calavera from Yuyi Morales on Vimeo. The talented illustrator is a true artist. Particularly if the realm of pupeteership is within their grasp. After hearing countless schoolchildren ask her, "really, who is Señor Calavera?" time and time again, award winner Yuyi Morales decided to come up with this little video. The world’s […]

The Top 100 Picture Books Poll

Vote for your top 10 top (and by top, I mean your favorites) comic book runs by creators by 11:59 Eastern on November 20th, and I’ll count down the top vote-getters in early December. Simply list your top ten (and please pick 10) from your top choice, to your bottom choice, in an email to […]

One-on-One Librarian Preview: Kane/Miller’s Spring 2009 Season

It has always struck me as monumentally unfair that all the New York publishers have the option of having these ultra-cool librarian previews for members of the NYC children’s literary field, while pubs located in other parts of the country are left blowing in the wind.  Take Kane/Miller, for example.  They’re a relatively small publisher […]

Whose Shoes These Are I Think I Know / The Store’s in the West Village Though

Not too long ago I summed up a Penguin preview that featured a YA novel’s cover.  Here is the cover in particular: And though I am not a shoe person by nature, I suddenly foudn that I had to have those pumps.  Adorable doesn’t even begin to cover them.  But where would I go?  Short […]

Review of the Day – Thanksgiving: The True Story by Penny Colman

Thanksgiving: The True Story By Penny Colman Henry Holt and Company $18.95 ISBN: 978-0-8050-8229-6 Ages 9-12 On shelves now The real Pilgrims didn’t wear black. There. I’ve done it. I’ve just blown your little mind, haven’t I? Isn’t it crazy that in this jaded cynical age in which we live, there are still myths, legends, […]

Where the Wild Things Were

Like the dodo, the passenger pigeon, and other animals of very little brainpower the Wild Things are no more.  For you see, dear children, there once was a playground of Wild Things at a Sony complex in San Francisco.  Once they roamed free and easy.  Now it is gone and only the photos remain. Check […]

Fusenews: It’s Blog, It’s Blog, It’s Better Than Bad, It’s Good!

Just when you thought you couldn’t get anymore buzzwords.  Ever heard of Slow Blogging?  It’s a thing.  The thought is that if fast food is bad then obviously fast blogging would also be a negative happenstance.  A slow blogger would be someone like author Julius Lester.  Someone who stops and thinks about the world a […]

Swag for Authors

Pop this into the old "Aw, Isn’t That Cute?" file. Author/editor Jill Santopolo wrote the lovely little young reader title Alec Flint, Super Sleuth: The Nina, the Pinta and the Vanishing Treasure.  And the advantage of being an author for kids is that often you get cool prizes in your cereal boxes, sent to you […]

Fusenews: My Vote for #3 = Al Capone Does My Nails

Good old Kalamazoo.  Land of my birth.  Home of my gawky adolescence.  Aside from the fact that I was born in such a Seussian named city, K-zoo related news articles are few and far between to say the least (except for that whole all-the-kids-get-free-college thing).  So I was thrilled to death to see that the […]

Events in Me Room: Alternate Title – We Got Laura Amy Schlitz!

You may have heard that my cool new children’s room is open. The one that they are calling The Children’s Center at 42nd Street. But did you hear about our opening festivities? Well, they’re two-part. In Part One we get live owls and Chris Raschka. In Part Two, you get to hear Laura Amy Schlitz […]

Fusenews: Peepy Goes Walkabout

I think it is safe to say that the very first authors to dip so much as a single toe into the new Children’s Center at 42nd Street were none other than YA mavericks Lisa Yee and Eric Luper.  They came when we were still in our crazed are-we-ready-to-open-yet????? phase, and were mighty accomodating to […]

Video Sunday: Horseshoe Balding + Massive Sideburns = Awesome

This is a new thing I’d like to try. Each Video Sunday I have fun vids but often they fall, as they say, "below the fold". My individual postings have a limited amount of characters they can display before the infamous "Read More" pops up and everything else I’ve written falls out of sight. My […]

Fusenews: Mmmm. A delicious slush stack could really hit the spot right now.

Ain’t It Cool news finally got their paws on Spike Jones and they had him tell everything he knew about the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie.  There are lots of great tidbits in it, like the fact that Jonze initially wanted to produce Harold and the Purple Crayon.  And then there’s this great […]

WBBT Interview – Francis O’Roark Dowell

I was not the only one to become a fan of Frances O’Roark Dowell’s magnificent middle grade novel Shooting the Moon this year. But neither was I under the impression that it was created in a vacuum. Over the years Ms. Dowell has written everything from fun boy-centric early chapter books to mysteries and realistic […]

WBBT – Final Day

The final day is upon us.  For some kicking interviews elsewhere, get ’em while you can cause they’re going fast.  In brief: Mayra Lazara Dole at Chasing Ray J Patrick Lewis at Writing and Ruminating Wendy Mass at Hip Writer Mama Lisa Ann Sandell at Bildungsroman Caroline Hickey/Sara Lewis Holmes at Mother Reader A.S. King […]